That Average Green Scarf

In between the fairest crowd, I reflected the hazel complexion.
Looked like a mess out of blue,
Having the dark night’s glue!
I sounded dull, spontaneous: as if the world could mention
The words of its congested edge
Uttering silently out of rage!

In between the rosy red cheeks, I wrote a vow to exist
Shined with the sparkling eyes
Lip-syncing the story of rise
Pulled up my sleeves and walked towards the aim; grasping the mist.
They described the least I knew
Finding me as a curfew.

In between the brilliance of minds, hovering with least of few
Demanding all I can hold
About the rusty world can fold
I straightened my faith and all of my cursed preview
Closed my ears and followed the stars
Holding down my green scarf—just to raise the bar!

Art: Dreams, mixed media on paper, 9”x9” by u/effingeff

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