Of Huawei

I still remember
When I saw you
First time

At the shopping complex
Everyone walked their confused walk
I was to have mine

To defend me in the perplex
I had with me my two besties
For this story’s sake
Let’s name them Y and X

I only needed a low budget phone
That could call, write and display
We had in mind the Lava

As we swung past from the first Lava Store
We three in perpetual agreement of not buying anything
Without exploring,
We saw you.
They saw the phone.
I saw the phone and the shopkeeper.

The phone looked sleek, so did he.
It looked new, so did he.
The phone was shining and smiled did he.

We knew that was it.
A careful look at the specs,
We were convinced.
The young marketer, in his 20s
With silver uniform hiding his silver ribs
“This model arrived yesterday. If you buy it,
Promise that you would buy it from me.”

I like this short term loyalties we develop.
Some marketers are our short time lovers.
They know our perfect fits, they read through our eyes,
They want the best for us. (Or so they make us feel.)

We promised.
But we were also loyal and mutually understanding.
We needed to complete our journey before we decide.

The shopkeeper agreed, just as lovers in the first week appreciate our every demand.
Three rounds on the two floors, and we couldn’t find any other phones, nor any other guy.

Y and X took me to the corner for the talk.
You should have the phone,
And have the boy.
You are 26,
And you deserve to try both,
The world is yours.
The new phone ring trial went fine,
Ringing other words, other dreams in my mind.

Had the shopkeeper heard the ring?
Does his ringtone dreams bring?

Cashes done, and we were about to leave
The shopkeeper with a smile, on a small paper to me, his phone numbers give:
“Half an hour from now, this shop I leave.”

Sixth floor top, we had our shakes afterwards
Y and X pondering how techy our grandchildren would be
Had I made the first call with my first Huawei.

I sipped in my Formosa bubbles, everything in my world
Moving in silver circles, one sip half a circle for happiness to phone package bound,
One sip half a circle to the 3rd floor around.

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  1. Good lines with wavy ends and fluid details. You have words in the head, waiting for condescending to you. Good luck Fouzia Reza.

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