Born : 4 November 1969, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.
Educational & Professional Qualifications: 0 Level, Private, 1985. A Level, Private, 1987. Major in Art, Kansas Bethany College, 1987. Philosophy Art, Losangeles City College, 1990. Course on Art Appreciation & Art History, Losangeles Trade Technical College, 1991. Course on Drawing & Painting, Losangeles School of Design, 1992. Studies on Classical & Contemporary Painting, David Hackney Studio, 1993. Studies on Japanese Calligraphy & Graphic Design, 1994.
Course on Virtual Painting & Electronic Art, 1996. Exhibitions: Church of St Francis, Losangeles, USA, 1993. Losangeles Photographic Center, USA, 1994. Granados Gallery, Losangeles, USA, 1995. Glendale College Gallery, Losangeles, USA, 1995. Gallery Alliance Franca se De Dhaka, 1999. Shilpangan Art Gallery, Dhaka, 2002′ Café Mango Gallery, Dhaka, 2003. Appointment, Group Exhibition, Shilpangan Art Gallery, Dhaka, 2003, 2004. Group exhibition of 20 Bangladeshi & Indian artists in Islamabad, 16th March’ 07, at Nomad gallery On 08th February’ 07 at Nairang Gallery Lahore. Group art exhibition in Bangladesh Shilpakala academy’ 2007. On June 9th-15 June 07 solo exhibition was held at Hotel Taj Bengal. Participate in United Nation Woman Association (UNWA) Action at UN Ball, Dhaka Shonargaon Hotel at 7th Dec’ 08 in Kolkota, Experiences: Workshop with David Hackney Studio, Loss Angeles. Classical Drawing and Methods of Painting Workshop Glendale College. Workshop on Contemporary Figure Drawing & Creative Mind-Tale Gallery, London. Exploring Creative mind with Child Art –Loss Angeles. Museum study retrospective Picasso Portrait of Women, Los Angeles County Museum of Art,1993. Workshop on Street Art, Los Angeles.

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