Submission FAQ

Submission Criteria

What kind of work should I send?

Authors may send poetry of any and all forms, including but not restricted to free verse, form poetry (e.g. haiku, villanelle, sonnet etc), prose-poetry, avant-garde poetry, etc

Brief Note: If you are unsure about whether your work conforms to the criteria above, please use the works already published on our website, and in our print publications, as references, or contact us for further details at

Where should I send submissions?

All submissions should be sent to

What language should submissions be in?

Submissions can be in English or Bengali. We do accept translated works which source both the ‘original’ writer and the translator.

We are also working towards acquainting ourselves with advasi, indigenous languages. If you wish to submit such works, please kindly contact us at

We accept submissions in the following formats

  • Word document (.doc) files
  • Portable Document Format (.pdf) files
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf) files
  • Text (.txt) files
  • Word Perfect (.ppf) files

No other formats will be accepted.

Send all works in one file. The author’s name must also be included in the name of the file.

Do you accept previously published works?

We do accept previously published work, but do specify the originally published source.

Bengali Guidelines

Send Bengali works written in either Avro or Bijoy. No other formats will be accepted.

Do I need to attach a author bio?

You must* attach a brief bio (30-50 words) of the author. The bio may also include your preferred pronouns. Finally, the bio must be included in the body of the email.

*In case, you wish to remain anonymous and/or use pseudonyms please kindly mention your preferences in the body of the email and/or contact us at

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11 Replies to “Submission FAQ”

  1. Please let me know how to send you my poetry. Do I simply send you an email with the document attached with it? Where should I write my name or bio? Do I need to write my address?
    Waiting for your quick response!

    1. Submissions for our online publication are always ongoing. Online submissions accepted include poetry, fiction, non-fiction, photography, art stories, and other experimental works.

      We also publish an annual bilingual print issue for poetry only.

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