How to Take Off Her Sari

Do you grab the loose end of her pink jamdani,
and send her turning across the room
as if she were a trompo and you had to see
the cloth evacuate bits of her with every spin?
Like the tornado, do you expect her to
twister back under your lecherous gaze?
Shy and unsure and thinking thoughts insane, but
with a stare so jinn-like you’d be set aflame?
Or do you go slow-mo, and unwrap her slowly,
let the folds fall at her feet with reckless abandon
while your hands ballet on her tummy,
as if tracing a treasure map at random,
all the way towards area X?
Do you then expect her to laugh
while you study her, the success
of Project Undress in full progress?


Art: A thin Red Line by Cool_Beanss

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