The Mourning of a Vacant Heart

What came across in that place,
left a mark untouched.
Too delicate, too shabby
What you got, went away.
All the laughter and smiles
are stored in the vessel to be drowned by forceful currents.
Like the leaf which sang elegies before being flowed over by tides.
Like that bird which chattered before being stroked by thunder-light.
Like the adieu of the girl who is leaving mother’s place.
Dwindling tear drops mixed with resonating water.
All the chattering and merriment of the child is carried away to the pyre.
Only leaving the moments in the synapse of memory.
Through dark and brown all yellow color is lost.
The innocence is lost in the claws of experience.
The broken trust gathers in the fragile eyes.
All who are passing away, cannot be kept.
All the broken promises are under debt.

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