Someone once told me to take this tragedy inside me
and to turn it into art;
to paint the walls with my broken heart.
So I picked up my palette of mistakes,
of strewn bed-sheets & of hands-held
and I prayed to a god I did not believe in,
for an ending to a story I did not ask for.

Someone once told me to make change,
to never wait for it,
and took off into the sun with his wings.
So, I took the chains around my ankles off and went in search of meaning
and not only did I find that, but I found a muse.

Someone once told me to close my eyes and take the leap,
because the skies do not wait for anyone,
because in the grand scheme of things, you are sand,
and this existence is a beach that never ends;
never ends;
never ends;

Someone once told me that a home was always a house,
a place with four walls and a roof,
and a window to gaze out onto the sea,
and to taste the salt of the air,
little did I know how much of a lie that was,
little did I know how much sanity there is in a pair of hands,
in your smile, your gaze, the glitter in your eyes,
in you,
in you.

Artwork: David Hockney

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