The Hums and Hmms

When I ripped your ribcage open
And a splurge of blue gushed onto my hands
The world was silent
While love played its tricks
And tiptoed along my spine.

It was not the frantic submission
Of two endangered fools, no,
You and I, we’re far beyond that;
And the silence from my kisses
That you said gashed your lips
Haunted you;
It might not have been golden
But my silence was love.

So, if it is the blue spumes and clouds
Where you lose directions,
Crumbled brick flakes which cover your head,
Shadows, more radiant
Than my words ever could guide,
Know, with confidence
That in my blues, there is you
And all the directions you need
Are embedded in the parts of you I’ve touched
Know, that the vermillion fall, collectively
Makes the whole of me I could give to you;
If the shadows and silence converge to encapsulate you more
With nothing but the suspension
Of dire needs and humid sighs,
Know, beyond and beneath, at one meeting point
Rests my love for you.

Art: The Bridge, Digital, 1920*1080px by u/lenafay

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