She had always thought of the night as a curtain
that covered her thoughts, shadows of the deepest mysteries
and as blankets for our very own kind—
the people wide awake till the light of dawn
to witness the stars and clouds fight over the horizon.

She used to pull my hand to lead me upstairs to the rooftop,
the same hands that pushed the hair away from my face
to get a better look through my eyes.
She lies back, next to me with a distance of only a meter,
but it felt like a thousand for me.

Her laughter, it was like a chorus against the chilly
wind of the September night; a song that I had
memorized and replayed at the back of my mind so often.

She looked like a star, so incredibly out of reach.
A transcendent light illuminated right before my eyes
and all this time I thought I could have trapped the light
within my fingertips.

But, she was too luminescent, too bright, too beautiful
and I fear that some day or the other
she might just explode into the night sky,
like a fascinating supernova of some kind.

Art:  Where To Now Digital Composite . 12×12 by Ttttrent

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