Twin Lovers

The woman’s eyes pair off
As the twin brows had done
To the left a man, and the right another
Mirrored as men, but to whom the lover?
The woman was young, beloved.
Even still? Or have the curtains come down?

Who is to answer?
The man or the lover?

For the woman, there was no lover, only men.
Both failures to till the soil, to sow the seeds.
Time does not wait, age ticks forever,
For the woman, she turned a mother,
The men, still husbands, fatherhood not to augur?

Who is to answer?
The man or the lover?

The twins have changed, when will you unseal?
Dear Poet, it is only you who must reveal—
Since then, the shimmering blood has strewn,
Yesterday’s Bengal, today’s Bangladesh
Her men have not grown to be lovers,
Dear Poet, at least embrace them as fathers.

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