(un)safety pins and needles

Drink & Dream, Digital, 2500 X 1816 by u/strawbear

I would like to pierce you
with a safety pin.
Send it in, curl it around,
until you are hooked
and I control how fast
or slow your blood flows.
I would like to stab you
with a needle and thread,
send the thread through
your bloodstream
and out your Achilles’ heel.
I saw this scene play out once in a film,
when a motorbike passenger,
a victim of a kidnapping,
sat behind her captor silently,
then stabbed him in the back
with a safety pin.
I saw this scene play out once in a dream,
when I stabbed myself
with a needle and thread,
sent the thread into my bloodstream,
and a thick rivulet of blood
trickled down.
But the needle didn’t make me scream out
or curl up
in pain,
nor would the pin
if stabbed in to my veins.

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