Glowing Eye, Digital, 1280×800 pixels by u/TurkiFJ

soothe me.
run a feather against my skin.
conquer me.
cut through my veins and invade my blood. lie to me.
for all you’ve known is deceit.
beseech me.
let me watch you weep on your knees, hands tied, head shook.
you speak words like that of books.
lies and lies, a big mountain of all things minuscule.
I couldn’t care less.
don’t touch, I wouldn’t permit even with your hands freed.
you’re a plague and I was sick.
stay cold and stay gone
my heart’s turned from gold to cold to stone
run my sin, beg you stay gone
or you’ll dangle and sway by the edge of a tree
take my blood and stay gone, my sin.

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