Broken Seedling

The kindness in his eyes,
The unwavering umbrella,
Malice in disguise.
Quivering and crying,
“It’s okay, it’s normal.”
Put yourself to sleep, lying.
Can’t be down, show them your teeth,
They might find out,
That the dark clouds were underneath.
Masked by absence of doubt,
Don’t worry, it’s all over.
You’re not the same .
Tear off the sheets, the cover,
Face of a daughter, heart of glass,
Do not fret, you shall take over.
You cannot cry anymore.
The desiccating scars and weights you bore,
You shall overcome alone.
Know yourself, and leave your own lore.
Do you not see the fire in your bone ?
Stop looking for sympathy
You shall not find
In this sea of misery.
Compassion is bait,
Everyone is swimming,
Thinking the hook shall palliate.

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