What is love?

As I sit under the tree
Gazing at the serenity
Wondering, could it be?
That love is just you and me?

As I look back at life,
Reversing the sands of time
Why did I not earlier realize
It was you who was missing all this time

Remembering how I tried to smile
Spreading my lips open wide
Trying to blend with everyone alike
Why did it not even once strike?

Counting all the tears I shed
Countless times my heart had bled
Every time that I did not succeed
Why did I not put up my shield?

Now I see you putting me back piece by piece
How do you do it with so much ease?
I’ve finally found the long lost peace
I realize it every time I hold onto your sleeve

Now everything is so crystal clear
In my heart I hold you dear
With every beat I hear
I know you are always near

When you hold me in your arms
My breathing resumes it’s effortless form
I feel so safe and warm
Disappears my head’s raging storm

When your lips touch mine
Everything just stops in time
As your skin glides over mine
The world becomes sublime

Now I see the simplicity
Love was always just you and me
Our hearts are finally set free
As we begin our first infinity

I see in bright new light
This love was worth every fight
As we hold each other tight
Our love shines out bright

Why did I never before see
Love baby, is just you and me.

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