The Philosopher No More

A raconteur unto himself
His deft tales he did not tell
Any man or any beast.
A self-appointed philosopher
Trapped inside his own skull,
Thoughts expressed to no soul.
They came for him nonetheless,
The thought police who patrol
These dark, depraved streets;
He stands tall, he does defy
The higher power of this land,
A victory for the oppressors
He will never allow, so long
He breathes his thoughts survive.

At first the spoken word was decried,
The fool like others of this putrid land
Did willingly oblige,
With silence like the Germans in 1934
The majority and he, they all complied.
Taken away now from his own home,
Into the forever night of this realm –
Imprisoned, tortured, never heard of
Nor from again because he dared to think
Outside the constricted box defined strictly
By the all-powerful authorities.
Colouring beyond the lines
Harmlessly with one’s mind a crime,
Remaining silent he now repents!

Example made of the raconteur,
The philosopher no more;
Insipidly will we all
Hold our tongues and thoughts
To appease the leaders, to in line fall?
Seeing with our mind is our
Undeniable birthright, taken away –
Forsaken it we have, turned a blind eye;
The ghosts of ’52 and ’71 watch in shame
As we remain silent outside and within,
As we give up on the indisputable truth
And suppress ourselves completely,
Wholeheartedly, wilfully and shamelessly,
Within this cocoon of lies.

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