Scarlet Memories

The very first time blood rushed down my thighs

Was not because my insides were put to work

In preparation of a home for a future child

The first time was when all was lost

My growing brain still learning the ABCs

No one had taught me what “rape” means

The first time he found me alone

The monster next door took no time to pounce

Eyes of exhilaration, adulterated with turpitude

The first time was a horror scene

Strong hands and a hungry body

Determined to enter despite the screams, the agony, and the ruination of an innocent life

So the next time was the harbinger of memories I tried locking up

The natural cycle had just started but all I could see were the eyes of the devil

My small stature refusing to give up the fight

Period cramps are the kicks to my belly

A successful attempt at driving me unconscious

Making it easier for him to finish

The days I spent wondering what he had done and if there was a name for it

All I knew was that this must have been the most heinous of sins

A 10 minute encounter that would scar the decades to come

The bleeding, which was supposed to be the sweetest adventure

Signaling the home constructed every month, waiting for its inhabitants

But how could I ever shelter a child

When my mind had no home of its own

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