I hear you honey
I hear you loud and clear:

“Sudden leaps onto escapism
Skyline studded in ennui splattered nausea.
Resistance clinging on to your being like rotten weight —
Making the tip of your pen crumble under exhausted rust.
Cheap Booze
Shackled Shoes
Careless kisses

            C         R         A         W        L          S

Through your skin like verminous entities


Out your vision;
Squeezes every midnight into a purple hazed purgatorial fantasy-
And have you greet it with a concoction of,

                                                                        A painfully average mixture of-

Tiny dregs of lust fueled desperation –
Floating atop
A layer of blood curling hatred induced by the putrid stench of pale imitations of lovers who went out of vogue.
Sting on the tip of the tongue
Raw Rage towards the inability to sketch out your own silhouette

                                                                                          Character arc



And episodes embedded in disgusting reality.
Then to find out with a frustrated sigh —
That the paper does not allow anything but pretty melancholia
Maybe stills of Noir Bovary, sipping satin, lies and acid laced goodbyes.
Treading on the edge of that coffee cup
Balancing on the precipice of insanity
Choosing between white collars and absolute absurdity…”
I know honey.
Swallows you whole, doesn’t it?
“Really does, leaving remnants of neurosis and an urge to …”

Give up

            Give up

                        Give up.

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