Body of Autumn

This dawn
Is a lukewarm body of sunlit promises
O honey, it’s a pale diffusing
Of crisp honey rays

The sun pours out of a hundred windows
Sweeping the air lightly like a sigh
Sighing life into the swirling canvas of dust motes
Sighing life into the dust that composes this body
Your body and mine

Warm bodies, numb bodies, tingly bodies, coarse bodies
Bodies that need moisture and chills
That need greens and starch
That need fire and heartbreak
That need wine and words
Bodies that need change to match their changing climate
That need change to unravel its carefully preserved burdens
So the body can feel out what it needs

O honey, the sun is medicine
And this dawn belongs to autumn

Autumn, she throws the sun’s rays over her body like a sheer gossamer shawl
Autumn, she is burnt sienna
Proud and reclusive
She is a witchy nonchalant fox with her long tail weaved in ripe grains
Her ears are drifting kashful
Her scent lingers like shiuli in damp hair
She yawns
A yawn so wide and startlingly free
Like the wind under an eagle’s wings
Blowing through your overheated bones

Autumn yawns
So that this body
Your body and mine
Can lay back on the earth to rest and break bread
And catch some well needed dream bugs
Under a burnt sienna sky

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