It’s just like the college life, all the same,
when I was a teen and so were you;
the same excitement and the same feelings…
It’s good and amazing—the feelings,
the feeling of love and being loved;
and fear of losing…
“Bird, you are not cheating on me, are you?”
Each day I hear a lot of stories of cheating around me,
and I get scared.
I know, babe, you are not cheating, no way.
It’s just those stories that tease my brain sometimes,
not my heart, ever.

Today is like one of those days in the past
that I miss, remember, and
always want them to come over and over again.
It’s like recalling each and every moment, each bite, every touch,
each word, and each breathtaking smile,
your smile.

The amount of love and passion
I am encountering right at this moment of my life
can’t be put into any medium of expression,
neither by written words nor by speech.
So, I wish you would understand…

Art: The Kiss, Newberry, oil on canvas, 2019

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