PhD-r Galpo: An impeccable reminiscence of personal life

Phd-r Galpo is a latest autobiography book written by Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam, popularly known as Asif Nazrul. Dr. Nazrul is a famous academician, renowned for his bold critique of Bangladeshi politics. Asif Nazrul wrote more than ten novels and non-fiction books: among them Nishiddha Kayekjan (Forbidden Few), Udhao (Lost), Asamptir Galpa (Tale of Incompletion), Bekar Diner Prem (Love at the Time of Unemployment) etc. are very popular.

Asif Nazrul has been teaching law at Dhaka University in the USA for almost 30 years now. At one time, he was well known as a journalist in the weekly ‘Bichitra’. From his student life he was interested in writing short stories and fictions.  After publishing Nishiddha Kayekjan (Firbidden Few), he was become popular and started writing novels and non-fictions after a long hiatus.

The book is published from Baatighar book house and Sabyasachi Hazra artistically designed the cover of the book. The book is divided into chapters and readers will enjoy each chapter. Each chapter is fill with diverse incidents of the writer. Readers will know how an ordinary person from Puran Dhaka went to London, and how could he manage to successfully complete his Doctorate degree from SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London).

In one of the chapters the writer described his life in London house, which is very famous dormitory, where many students from different countries come and stay. The artistic architecture of London house was constructed in the late 17th century.

The book will tell a reader, strangely beautiful relationship between a researcher and his supervisor. Philippe Sands, QC (Queens Counsel), who is a famous British-French lawyer and academician, was the Phd supervisor of Mr. Asif Nazrul. Under his guidance Asif Nazrul completed his Phd in International Environmental Law. The relationship between Philippe and the writer will astonished the readers. Mr. Sands was amazed at the low quality and shallowness of the author’s research. Later, through hard work he overcome that phase and the reader will know the saga of his struggle in an unfamiliar place like London.

It’s not just a story of person’s life in abroad, it’s an unimaginable story of ups and downs of the author’s personal life. This autobiographical book is full of excitement, incredible and dramatic events. Truly speaking, the story is inspiring and will motivate. Last but not the least, both Mr. Sands and the author are more famous, Mr. Sands is a writer of many best-selling books and has served as President of English PEN.


*The writer is a sophomore law student at the University of Dhaka and has written as a contributor in many English Dailies of Bangladesh.


Book Details

PhD-r Galpo (A memoir in Bangla)

By Asif Nazrul

Published by Baatighar

February 2021

Cover Image by Sabyasachi Hazra

Length 118 Pages; Price: BDT 250

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