You are my Rain

By Romeo Bhuiyan
Your beauty your luster, come fall on me
You shudder and ring, come raining on me
Dance in you, sing in you
Shower in your breeze
Breath in you, live in you
Just drench me in your arms…

Flow in your love, swim in your lap
Part my lips and suck you in
Drink your drought, drown in your laughter
Feeling tipsy
You’re my drop of gin

You hide my tears, make me grin
Forget myself and become a child
Dive in your breast looking for peace
Time just seems to gush by

I feel you, I touch you
No more lies…No more hiding in the shades
Rather soak to the core

Your blissful breath blows me away
Drown in you
Plunge in you
Shower till I die

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