Where I come from
And where I go
Nobody knows
And nobody will ever know

Life is a mystery
Death is more

Belief is there to help you through
It’s all a play
A perplexing place
Shadows come and shadows go shedding behind the shreds of the show

Space stretches beyond the boundary of space
Dew-drops drop sighingly, gently on a petal of rose

Where you come from
And where you go
Nobody knows
Nobody will ever know
For nobody ever came back from where they go

Come and go

Faith is like a flame that shakes in the storm

The glow of the glow-worms the night wind blow

The flow of rivers the concrete slow

The bow-tight beauty breaks my bow

The tulip lonesome bow at the woe

The deep dark denizens of the dreamy doe

The woebegone woods where the willows weep and woo to the darkness-
drunken-dream-lands by the uproar of the silent sighing shore

A shoal of seagulls fly by the shore
Where the far away restless waves break to the core

The village-girls excitedly get on the boats to see the scene of the
serene Ganges shimmering, shining below the blanket of fully blossomed

The dancing maidens in the harems of whores appease the sexual
appetite of the kings impotent and old

The cherry tree bud and blossoms beside the churchyard tombs

Time goes by

Young becomes old

Iron get rusted

Diamond gathers mold

A sudden flash of sunlight peep through the cloud-clad-womb!

Where I come from
Where I go

The roses woke up as the morning broke
The futility of the future only the past future knew
The nuns in the nunnery run, re-run their beads of rosary as the noon
denies to become the victim of the afternoon

I’ve six o’ clock shadow
I’ve seven o’ clock fume
Sex with a siren is divine and profound
The more I come in her the more I mature
The siren sing songs of sensual sound
Waves of orgasm surround us in and out forming love dew-drops on our

O where you come from
And where you go

Day is gloomy
Night is nude
Rome is burning
Atlantis no more

Nightingale at night in gale look around to find a safe ground
Where she can lead the knight’s paramour to be safe from the
approaching storm

Weary worn
Lost and lonesome
Beauteous bright bride of purity divine seem to be stricken with the
bouts of pale pallid palsy undefined

Tears on her big black expressive brown eyes
Long long black hair covering her shades of surprise
Soft subtle saffron breasts beseeching moonlight
A fountain full of paradisiacal pleasure flowing free fine

O who she misses
And who she looks for in the whispering wilderness of love, life, lies

O I cannot look at her sadly sight
My aching hearts stoop
I fly away on the wings of the passing swallow
Gliding through and through
Soaring high and low against the anguishing archive of the empty void
pain-scattered pensive sky

O knight-paramour
I shall come back for you
Thus sing my soul in the swallow
Bringing your knight before the night turns you into stone and me into
a tomb in womb!

O who are you
And where you go
Who made I
And who made you

The miracles in marble lay deaf and mute
The muses in the shrines of Aphrodite and Apollo have gathered
together to blow on the flute of love and life delightfully sorrow
While the robin old painful tune the piteous sad songs of the lovers
long gone past forgotten forlorn

O where are you
What you do
Doldrums dolorous
Dry desert dunes

Darkness to darkness dive
Light light up the dark dice

Trembling tree trunks get uprooted in the torturous tornadoes-torn-snow

Slow slow slow
Make love soft, swift, slow

Single serpent
Single soul

The sailing ship is tossing upon the endless watery pathways of
pleasure and pathos

O see the sea sink
See the sink sink

Seeing is unseen
Unseen is unseen
Sin sing in sin

Sainthood of the sisterhood sing along the sequences of the scenes
that the play plotted in sin too soon to spoon

Whore-sisters alight to delight the priesthoods of the prickly pews
The monthly maturation of the ova passing through the uterine tube

O where I come from
And where I will go
I’m nothingness
I know of no secret sacred code

I died before they even started the show
Pulling the dagger
Putting the pull
My dad denied
My mother did the do

Here I come alive all ready to be labeled, all ready to be disrobed

They start stamping me as soon as I was born from top to toe with all
the constraints, nonsense of rite, ritual and role

Despair destitute
Desolation due

The blue-belly-butterfly fleet and flow on board the wings of ethereal

The fireflies lend light to the inhabitants of the dark echo

The he-owl cannot satisfy the carnal needs of the she-owl

O where you go
Where you go
Stay a while
Do not go

Wait till the sun sets
Wait till the moon glows

We shall have each other greeting the roses’ rue and iris’ woe
While the southern sun shall be orbiting the orbits of Earth and Moon
through the span of even and morn

O who am I
And who are you
What is it
And who’s who

Lo! The fields are harvest full
Happiness tumble down down the golden ears of corn, maize, water-
melons, and marigold, and the fruits juicy sweet are fully ripened to
the innermost core

Breeze in trees
Rivers with joy overflow
The tired hooves of the cattle hurriedly head home
Before the eastern sky becomes dark, gloomy, and doubtful

The twilight-tinted tulips tenderly stood mesmerized seeing the
serenity of the sky before the dawn broke before the skeletal sockets
of my eyes and bones
Where the maggots ugly and old have made myself them a comfortable

O who am I
Who are you
Who’s he/she
Who’s who

Who made god
And who made you

Meadow gay green glee below blue
Blue the blue blue lay in deep blue

Who keep secret
Who keep flute

Full lips arch in passionate dew
Come my maidens make me amuse dipping me in thy mesmerizing glue
I shall make love with thy musical muse
Thy holy hallowed hue have me deeply imbued with the divine fluid
where your love unfaithful the loving love bemused

Where you come from
And where you go

Where I come from I do not know
And where I go I do not know
Knowing is unknowing
Unknowing is not knowing known

Tell my wives to walk down the shore after I’m dead and gone
And weed the gardens
Tend the flocks and dogs
Care for my children
Feed my cattle and horse
Respect my parents
Be kind
Be bold
Trying praying at dusk and dawn

O where you come from
And where you go
Home homeless
Kingdom kingless
Perversity pervade
Shapeless shapes

Where you come from
And where you go
From flower to flower I go collecting my colorful whorl
The kohl on her eyes lay beautifully mournful
As the morning comes the darkness roll

Nightly the wolf howl

Neath the bowel of Earth the dead wind prowl

The Bedouin maiden tend to the needs of the tribal clowns

The sheep, the goats, the humped camels crowd slowly to head home as
the thunder rock the distance mounts

The fountains of pleasure the old sheiks count to keep the track of
the dry desert moon

O where I come from
And where shall I go

A couple of sperm and ovum will mate to make a new religion, a new noun

A pain pronounced I feel piercing the crown of my diseased town

I shall be dying very soon
Then I shall find out about the secret of my upcoming home

Where you come
Where you go

Coming and going
Going and go

I shall go now
Catch me if you could

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