Ubiquitous Soul

O the father of my father
O the mother of my birth
My soul ubiquitous sold his soul
A group of lonely lily bemoan below the melancholy moon
While the still star-studded serene slumberous sky cast her celestial
show outward toward the fold of the mortal ephemeral playful
O my ubiquitous soul
What sadness sadden thee
What rue rue
The path unknown wind within the woods unknown
Knowing is unknowing
Unknowing is unknown
Oceans wide and open
Seas seize ships rich and poor
Watery life ebb and rise as the lunar tide pull with pride
The sun is setting on the bank of Rhine
Retouching the rim of the sky with the last ray of the sinking sunlight
The feet of the horizon refract the dying dwarfish dim light as the
surrounding thinned air has risen above the tall thin tender timber line
Fear, fright
Love, lure
A beat
A breath
A daredevil dreaming dream that a daffodil dare not to dream
Romance romantic
Uncharted green meadow more green
Rivers that flow
Glow-worms that glow
Smile that fade not
Laughter not linger to lo the hue of the divine dawn and dusk dressed
up in a drop of dew
O my soul soulful
O my mind un-mindful
Whereof the desire comes from
Whereof then it goes
Like the veil of mist disappearing dissolving as the morning sun comes
in view
The lustful longing lotus is sighing at the wet shadow as the ripple
of love wet her lips to satiate her thirst in the twilight-moon
O monsoon comes too soon
Inundating the low-lying plains of my villages, cities, and towns
O my, o my ubiquitous soul
The torch bearer keeps burning his tool
The gypsy girl makes talisman out of the liver of a dead mule
The milk-maid milks cow before the dawn breaks behind the heather and
forget-me-knots bush
While the spirits of the pre-dawn air have woken up to stir the still-
sleeping souls
O my ubiquitous soul
In me lie the forefathers of my forefathers’ souls
In me lie the truth and lie o’ all life’s and death’s secret and sigh
If I die today
You’ll also die
Death must have its due
Life must embrace death’s dew
Ubiquitous soul
You’re no more
A breath of a breath
A shadow of a shade
A tear
A test
Empty stare
Empty faith
O my soul ubiquitous
Let us not rest
Till we’ve conquered both our failure and success; fate and face
God is angry
Satan Earth desecrate
My soul ubiquitous pays for a lap dance

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