The Silent Scream In the Backdrop of Darkness

Hedayetullah Solenkhi

Silence with contempt;
it makes the shadows come to life,
taking form of a hideous demon,
that is nothing more than our own self,
struggling to survive,
in a very dark ocean;

Are nightmares our greatest fears?
or are they a figment of reality,
that comes to haunt us,
when we are weak and defenseless,
and dead;

The sound of silence echoes of voices,
reflecting off tainted walls,
and falling on ears deaf;

Is life just a random play?
colourless scenes and backdrop,
tasteless script and bad actors,
and an ending like an unfinished novel;

And how many countless times do we die everyday,
and try to live for the next moments,
for the new times,
for the new memories,
and how often does the darkness blind us?
before we break away into the shining sun?

The sun sees everything,
and the moon keeps an eye out,
the world may be immense,
but one’s sins will not go unwatched;

No evil ever goes unseen,
or unheard,
yet it is only silence by the onlookers,
and the wise,
that gives life,
to its growth and existence;

There is no defeat,
but only the lack of hope,
there is no darkness,
only the absence of light,
there is no demotivation
only the lack of drive,
there is never a barrier,
without a path to go across it;

Tomorrow is another day,
the reality of the future,
all of which we must face,
with our faces held high,
nothing can falter,
except the error of men,
yet we must go on,
tomorrow’s another day,
let’s venture into the unknown;

There is nothing more beautiful than time;
it opens new doors,
it closes the old scarred ones,
it reveals the light,
it unmasks the devil’s minions,
it paves a new path,
away from the old battered one,
it gives new promises,
it makes us laugh at the old lies,
it takes us closer to death,
and makes us live our life;

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