The Regretful Ending

by Sarah Soha

Splashes of pink, blue, violet painting the heavens
Fluffy cottons illuminate, demonstrating the supremacy of the sun.
It was time
No more u turns
Had come too far.
Taking a deep breath, I closed my lifeless eyes
Flashback of some memories
Some colorful; mostly black and whites
My eyes no longer holding them back
Letting them fall
Drop by drop
Each drop resembling one black and white
Yet it will never be enough.
Soul was shattered
Legs were tired
There was no reason to blame them.
When I opened those wet eyes
I found myself falling from the rock face
The wind piercing my soul guardian
Those messy black hair of mine turning messier
Pumping machine pounding faster
The force pulling me closer
Accelerating in each second
Realization comes with a price
This time it was my life.
We see, till our capacity
Not the end of horizon
This registration process in my control panel was finally done
The unique gift taken granted for all this time will soon be gone
I closed my eyes once more
For a loud crash
For a pain
That will end it all.

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