The Fundamental Truth

by Minu Ahmed

The fundamental truth eludes me
Tucks itself into the crevices of my mind
I search, I search and I search again,
Futile attempts, jumps made in vain
Soaring, falling and crashing once more.
I listen to the harmony of the unspoken words
That He tries to say to me,
Forgive me Lord, it is too late
I’ve run too far, I’ve flown too high.
But even in my balcony of confusion
I see, I see the light.
I’ve found the truth that eludes me
We mortals run so far, and fly so high,
Seeking the so-called animosity called life
We enter with hopes, and depart with memoirs.
I had sought friendship and sometimes even love
And yet the aspirants continue to disappoint me.
Thus I have walked alone on this road of life
Alone I have flown
And alone once more, I shall run.

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