by  Moyeen Serneabat



One Mythical Sonnet

(Episode One)


The night, playing with violin a violet tune

So the rest of the world could remain mute

Someone here inciting dreams with a flute

I say, wind, take my melody of love to her

That she is a solitary one not living so far

Her melancholy tune and mine one as well

At the night times, that the emotions swell

A formation then reformation like the rune


Someone here losing himself into so deep

Of the melodious night, beyond the enliven

Music of the soul, it broke all the mundane

Music then wafted through sylvan breeze

Sleepless girl, singing in the middle of this

Night, putting the summer moon into sleep




One Primeval Sonnet

(Episode Two)


Inside a blurry room we sat side by side

Dipped the morning into mist outside

Crows are still asleep, they have secrecies

To keep, that lilies are to bloom tonight

To catch all the lonesome passers’ sight

With heavy breath and so drowsy eyes

Holding her hands, we sat side by side

While the mist covering the entire earth


Trains are coming in then Trains are gone

Our destinations are the different lands

She’ll go to the sea, I’ll move to the sands

She left the very morning, just she alone

And I’m still waiting till the falling night

I see, my train comes with flashing light



One Unearthly Sonnet 

(Episode Three)


I am citing from the poem written in reminisce

Of the ethereal times those have been long lost

And forgotten with time sealed within the frost

It tells about all, the story, the way I loved her

And her words to come to me back no matter

How far she would ever be, and no matter even

Earth is destroyed and we are to meet in heaven

I’m citing and reciting from those languid lines


I am reading these lines from one rusting page

Over the ages, the lines, that gained some age

Premonition for the day, we shall again meet

We might move forward with trembling feet

With an unbearable pain the lines improvising,

Baby, look at the dawn, the sun is almost rising

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