Sweet summer long the honeybees, the honey-combs get big bigger as the
sweet sun sing songs
And the floral fence with fragrance of blue bells play the bugle of
life as happily as the fog fall
Sweet summer
Sweet summer
Come along
Maidens merry
Marigold pomp
Cascading cascades make music with misty morn
The distant ships are sailing away
Floating on the wavy foam
Lips of tulips the rain-drops form
Firm feathery tree-tops the stormy wind opt
Happiness wrapped up in pleasure-frock the soft subtle petals of the
roses paint, plot upon the breasts of the canvas where the sky is
endlessly impatient and tan and prompt
O do not let my prayer fall
Nor my flesh be the channel for sin, vice top to bottom
The silver sun is rising alone along the thin line where the horizon
kisses the curvaceous hips of the coast
Sweet summer
The sweetness of thy harvest season make fruits and crops richened to
the core of my sadness-sunken-soul
The groves of mangoes, oranges, apples bring back happiness to the
farmers’ folds
Monsoon brings rain day and night
Causing the low-lying regions to be flooded, inundated by the next
The pods of fish, the hungry tigers and lions of the close-knitted
pride lie await patiently to ride on the ripples of surprise
The ghostly moon comes out in sunlight
Hiding behind the veil of despairing deplorable delight
I met her under neon-light
Hardly ripened right
Yet she knew all the secrets of the hide
Green-eyed monster with money decorated around her thighs let loose
the beasts of desire upon her tinsel town of paradise
Sweet summer comes along stretching the hour of the twilight
Cherry are blossoming
Lotuses are leaping in pride
The priest old and obscene drinking the juice of love off the virgin-
Sky opened up as the shells and mortar pierced and tore the hearts of
Syria, Damascus, Beirut, Afghanistan from sunset to sunrise, while
the foreign troops and the local militias being murdered and
massacred for the cause that has no cause to fight against for
A bunch of bloody lies fall off their falsified forks and frocks
Incestuous insects cut deep the circumferences of my mothers’ wombs
Tombs have outspread and outstretched the boundary of the numbing pain
of my sisters Mary, Sara, Susan sylph
Thousands houris are dancing nude in the harems of the ruling kings,
Jesus is crucified upon the wooden stick
Moses is being spit at and ridiculed
Mahomet reads the holy Script
Buddha meditates on lotus leaf
I’m in chain
I’m imprisoned
I’m under the spell of darkness, ignorance, and empty void shell
I cannot avoid myself being bitten by them playful lustful painted-pot
of flesh
I fly high
I sink below low tide
I cannot reveal
I cannot hide
I do not know the reason of my failing faltering eyesight
I cry as I smile
I do not visit schools, shrines
Sweet sweet summery sunlight
Please set my soul free up in the limitless limit of the coming sunlight
Incestuous ignorance of the USA congressman, Akin, about rape and
abortion that he have no idea where to end and begin
I wonder if he were a woman, and was raped and pregnant how he would
justify his body to keep the beast’s baby inside his uterine line
I have say Akin you’re a real illiterate kite
Human folly
Human futility
Intolerance on every street
Criminal justice system reeling on its wheel
Mass murder, genocide
Theater, school, church shootings
The mass murderer, the polluted priest and politician, the rapist, the
class-color-creator-creature should be hanged or shoot right away
without wasting time to uphold justice by its right
Sweet summer breeze
Embrace me
Solace me
Let the mercy of God bring comfort to the evil sin star-light
Let my hurting hearts get back its belief
O let me see the face of light as I get ready to face the face of
death and life
Sweet summer breeze let me fly and float away on board the wings of
the purple pink butterflies
The spirited fireflies with my soul in their eyes have torched up the
dimly lit sleepy serene surreptitious sky
Sweet summer breeze make me thine
After I’m dead and gone I shall be witnessing the fleeting flight of
thy immortal immaterial might

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