Stuck. Pain. Inside.
Fear. Fear. Fear.
Rage. Hatred.
Mirror’s Ashamed.
Fall in.
Mistakes again.

Thirsty. Love.
Infatuation. Blind.
Love. Thirsty.
Melancholy Dark.

Nights and Lust.
Silence. Hidden.
Silenced Scream.
Cry. Crash and Burn.

Broken. Torn.
All of it.
All Alone inside.
Story of Blood.
Cowards in Heroes.
Dogs always Bark.

Look back. Sigh.
Child. Teen. Old.
Selfish creatures.
Bought and Sold.

Secrets. Red and blue.
Sins. Return. Back to You.

Run. Run. Run.
Away. Into gray. Blunt
Eyes of Eagle.
They just dive and hunt.

Asleep in reverie.
Sweet. Mermaid’s kiss.
Princess. Her Charm.
Denies my scornful bliss

Clocks. Tick. Restless.
Gold-en rust.
Diamond. Heart beats.
Breaks. Falls. Apart.

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