A strange strangeness hang in the still air

Still tree-tops steal subtly some starry flair

Who’s there hiding to take me in the dead-man’s lair

I cannot hide anywhere
I see Him everywhere

The strangeness silently stab me with its steel spear

O sadness
O despair
O delight
O decadence
O daredevil devious drive
O my senses stupor stupefied
As if in a trance I sense myself to be transported to the other side
where the spirits godly spirits are spitting out incestuous lecherous

O my stranger strangulation-glued-disguise
Let the distance disappear
Let her tears not go without tears
Let this bondage of life and death make me not fear the fear that do
not fear fear!

I dare not to approach Thy eternal endless labyrinthine layered layer

I walk lone and lonely with a subtle pain in my prayer

The stranger in the strange land cannot escape this escapade of fate
faith fear

A strange strangeness stalks the stranger

The last passenger of the last train stare at the blank space between
the empty cars
An apparition seemingly unseen peep through the peephole of half-
submerged pier

A strange strangeness hang up in the still air

The vision of the visionary
The dream of the dreamer

The lips of the tulips kiss hungrily the soft sweet dews of the
predawn mist
The priest pleases the priestesses’ pimps
The rosary long and limp fall off their prayer-thirsty hips and lips

The padra of the Bedouin-girls refract the hot ray of the desert sun

In the harems of kings and queens the semi-transparent, the semi-nude
houris are dancing away the nights in the poppy-plucked enchanted music

The gazelle-eyed girls look afar upon the shoreline where the
sandpipers are siphoning the sand in search of food beneath the soft
sapphire-like sun
One of their purple feet tangentially stretched across their pinkish

Silver spur
Silver sun
A trembling leaflet the windy wind sever off the half-broken twig of
the tall firm pine, fir, sycamore

The sinning scenic scene the forgotten sepulcher the moonlit maya
marvel at last at the unraveling of the dead decayed dirt and dust

The marble vault of the beauty at birth mesmerizingly opened up the
black-hole of the scientific myth

The heavenly heaven heave up to cuff the fringes of the sky where the
stars are sparkling at dusk

A strange strangeness lurk in the dark where a group of larks are
larking about without any task
Beside the dotted line of the youthful young larkspurs they positioned
themselves to watch the rising stars

A string of divine light pass through the glass-skin of my skylight ajar
My eyes get blinded as they penetrate the thin filmstrips of my visual

I’m a stranger
Worn in a stranger mask
Must I murder my soul to appease my lust
Or must I pray to Him to satiate His insatiable love for prayer

I do not associate, disassociate, or disturb
I leave things as they are unperturbed undisturbed
And I do like to eat my cherry ripe, crunchy, and pinkish at touch

I do not understand culture
I do not like being coded, decoded, type-cast
I hate color, class
I’m against royalty, rape, famine, war

I do not go to temple, church, or mosque
Because I think salvation are not written with the words of mouth or
in ink


Think before you think
Leap before you leap
Do not speak before you speak
Do not judge others by the color of their skin
Nor by their paucity, or stammering speech

Do not cut the grass with the tips of your teeth

Seven white horses are neighing on the knees

Seven black leopards are leaping in grief

A half-hidden-fern make fun in the funicle of fun where some moss and
mushrooms are mingling in mirth

Am I a stranger to my own mask

Who should I worship
Who should I war

Who to embrace
Who to shape, shake

What to look for
What to read, write
The dead-man’s petition is again denied

A girl in pink frock
A maiden in tight bring me back to the senses of life
O how would I love to make love to them all day, all night
Them nipples so ripe
Lips so tight
Hiding shrines in their Romanesque thighs

I would rather worship women than worshipping God and His kind

Women save me
Women are surprise

Women are essence of life, beauty, music, rain, flower fragrant
beauteous refined
Doe-eyed darling divine

O stranger of my pride

Do not leave me
Do not arrive

The setting sun shall be rising again  tomorrow by the shady side of
the deserted shrine

The setting sets of the ethereal, semi-circular egocentric sky conceal
the concentric sealants of the coniferous pine

The woebegone wooden wooded streets are winding away to the dusk-belt
of the earthly paradise

Beneath the girth of green canopy the strange species of fauna and
flora congregate to face the faces of the faceless faith, fate confirm
unconfirmed by the Unknown Unseen Playwright

O I’m a stranger in the dark
I’ve left my name nameless deep in the innermost inner inn of my
mother aborted-torn-womb-like-uterine-urn

The cheap powdered-perfumed-neon-lit-femme fatale fly the city with
the brothers, fathers, sons of the one-night-sexing bayonet and gun
Some come
Some cannot come
Yet they’re always wet, always calm
I do not see any differences between a brothel and a religious germ

Are you a stranger of your own barn
Knowing not the meaning of any sadness fun
Staggering along
Lonely cold and alone
Stamping the cremated ground
I’m like you’re out in the fold
Fighting to survive
Failing to achieve goal

Stranger of my sadness-sunken-soul
The spirits of the dead have sprung up to recall your living sinning

Let your mind mind not at the approaching of the goatee-beard fool

I’ve to go
Death makes a toast
God await by His Throne
I kill death
God run late
Salutation to my escaped enslaving  soul
Naked singularity make nude of my flesh-fed-bones

Still the stranger remaineth a lore
Shroud of sadness separate the petals of red rose as the wiggly
wriggly ugly worm molest her mole

O stranger of my soul
Heed not
Speak not
Do not dope
The silky satin sari the virgin bold bare to consummate her love
emerald gold

Go back
Go ahead

It’s the same silly show

Still the stranger remaineth a shadow in the show!

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