Stranger Soul

by Ujjal Kamal


O my strange soul
O my prisoner soul
Where will you go after you’ve finished serving this tenure

The death dreadful await at my door
But I’ve to finish writing my thought
For after I’m dead and gone there won’t be any thought to be thought
Nor the uproar of happiness, sadness, serenity, silent sob

O my strange soul
Who will you call on
What road will you walk on

Must you be the one disappearing in the dawn
Not looking back
Not caring to remember what you forgot
Who will greet you
Who will take your robe
After you’ve crossed the path that nobody took before

O my stranger soul
My prisoner soul
The sky is overcast
A few rain drops precede the coming of the super-storm

The crickets have stopped crying
The birds have taken shelters whereof

Suddenly the wind dropped
An ominous silence follow the foreboding fog

Lull before the storm

Sandy is on her way to strike the east coast

O the stranger of my strange soul
O the prisoner of my plot
What design
What decision
What safety and what surprise have you brought to be the pain-fraught-
peddling-canoe of my lost forgetful soul

The boat-man rows his boat in careless strokes

The tongue of the peddle touches the tips of the wave-tops

The boat-man hums a tune as he rows

Sad, detached, forlorn

The same tune that he heard before from the father of his father’s
father as they were rowing the same boat

Upon the very same waves of the mighty majestic Ganges whose watery
paths carried away to flow and float the sadness and happiness of many
a poets, priests, lovers killing, sacrificing themselves by drowning
in thy deep dark depthless waves that neither life nor death disturb
or dare to redress

O stranger of my soul
Song soulful
Player playful

Empty wine cup
Eyes sorrowful

Petals of roses soft tender beautiful
Like the love-petals of a untouched maiden protecting her chaste rose

The moon-light melts meeting her marigold
Lips like tulip the twilight fold
Galaxy after galaxy hide in her curvaceous cove
God stumbles from his throne seeing her ripe rich perfect breasts
undulating upon the birth-stone of many a maya-mingling mesmerizing wombs

A fairy with no wings
A mortal with no will
A mystery in mystery
A beauty cut in beauty blessed bare bold, a rare beauteous gem
glittering in the half-lit-aura of divine thrill

O my stranger soul
Do not be so cold
Nudge a little
See how the Universe unfold
Spangled with the stars of Heaven
Singing in the rhythm of Hope

Riding the thunder
Resurrecting Rome

Flying Phoenix
Sphinx roam upon the dead dry desert of the deceased souls

Wake up, wake up, wake up stranger of my soul
See how the strings of love have adorned the hem of the starry sky
with a helm of harvest-harvesting humectant moon

The tales that are untold are the best tales that are to be told
Likewise the unloved love young and old shall be ripening in due time
by the cycle of the solar moon

Stranger of my soul
Four seasons dye on its own seasonal shore

Spring sing song sweet serene songs
Fall fall slow forgetful forlorn
Winter weep snow even and morn
Summer sun sway in sweltering hot

O stranger of my soul
Who you look for
Who you approach
The layered space set apart the secret of your soul
As the nightingale sings all night the lost rhapsody of the lovers who
lovingly died so long ago
While the tide of the Mississippi and Missouri flow low and high
remembering the tears of the Sioux and Cherokee brides below the boughs
and beside the trunks of the too old and wise oak, pine

Let the wind blow
Let the willow cry

Let the moon of late-night wax and wane out of sight

Shedding the tears of life and death upon the stone-cut shrines

A sound soundless whisper some strange murmur in the breezy air of the
mid-night rain

A rhythm divine ripple away the lips of the lonesome Rhine

Yet the stranger of my soul cannot fathom the meaning of life

O my soul stranger
Let me lend you my sight
The site sacred that my mortal sight deny to sight
Unable to look beyond the boundary of light

A dream in a dream dream
A scream in a scream scream

If knowing is knowing
Then what is not knowing
Moaning and moving
Flesh fall
Bones dry
Cessation of life
Whereof the soul fly

Let there be light
Stop genocide
You and me
Sip and sigh

Bareback on Mississippi
Skinny-dip in Nile
Flesh in flesh fit
Love fluid fly
Sticky ova and semen come out in surprise
The lives that never meant to be divided and multiplied
Lay like desert dry upon the thighs and skin of our bees and butterflies

The tint of the twilight tinge the tips of thy tight tender nipples
with the teeth of paradise

O my soul stranger
Wait a little while
I’ve to finish writing this mediocre rhyme
Then I shall accompany you to your fancy flight

A fly fly by by my flaming candlelit
He burns
He dies
I watch him as he exude his last breath of life

O life
O death darkness divine

O stranger of my soul
Be gone
Be off

I’m not ready to die

Stay still silent sigh in thy sty of flesh-fed-fry

Come tomorrow
Or come after tonight to check on me if I’m still there weeping by the
bank of paradise

God frowns
Lucifer smiles

I’m banned from both of their entertaining type

O how I envy thee thou dead burnt fly
To heaven or hell you’re destined to be tried

Alas! Me!
Doubly victimized by God and Lucifer likewise
Terribly tied and triple-blind-folded by the spirits of Holy Ghost,
Son, and Divine
O where should I go
What to, where to I shall cast and throw my death’s or life’s line
An angry God
A more angry Hades’ eye
I’m done
I’m undone
I’ve no tie to tie
Nor any faith to face
Neither any fate to fie
O stranger of my soul
Not I

Empty I came
More empty I went


I’m not wrong or right

The flame of desire burn my thighs
The virgin nun relight my light just to make it more darker by
concealing and scrolling it in her soon-to-be-a-womanly paradise

O my stranger soul
I’m the stranger of thy very own soul
Side by side we reside forever
Yet we stay stranger to us both stranger-soul!

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