Special provisions of law should be passed and enforced in case of construction of buildings

Construction of buildings is a very common matter in all countries. Day by day, it is becoming a focusing point in all over the world as people can earn great amount of money from this business. One point should be remembered that the building which is under construction or is going to be constructed must be safe for people to live in. It means that it should not be collapsed and should be built in legal manner. In order to ensure this point, there should be some special provisions of law regarding the construction of buildings.

Examples of collapsed buildings have been formed in recent years. One great example is the collapsing of a garments factory known as “Rana plaza”. The incident happened in the year 2013 in Bangladesh. The result of the incident was so harmful that it cannot be described by writing in words. Many people were died and injured because of that. Another example is the collapsing of 130 buildings in six years in Nigeria. Report shows that the buildings were collapsed from the year 2007 to now. It is mentioned in the report that the buildings were collapsed because of indiscipline and inadequacy of proper law. Crashing down of a building in Shil area near Mumbra can also be used as an example. As a result, 74 persons were died and 60 persons were injured. The report of the investigation says that the building was built illegally and 23 persons were arrested for that.

The examples of the collapsed buildings reflect that there are no adequate laws and maintenance of discipline in case of construction of buildings in the societies. In Bangladesh, there are various applicable provisions in The Environment Conservation Rules, 1997 but those are not strictly maintained. According to Section 3 of TheEnvironment Conservation Rules, 1997, no projects or buildings can be created or made in an area which is declared as an Ecologically Critical Area. Section 7 says that industrial units and projects cannot be created without issuing Environmental Clearance Certificate. Most of the time, people in Bangladesh manage to build industrial units or projects in Ecologically Critical Areas with the help of bribes. Moreover, they also issue Environmental Clearance Certificate in illegal manners and sometimes create false certificates with the help of organizations that are involved in such business. The result is nothing but death and injury of many people. So, special provisions of law should be passed to ensure the safety of buildings. Only passing of law is not enough. It should be strongly enforced because right to live is one of the constitutional rights of human beings. It should be maintained not only in Bangladesh but also in other countries of the world.

In the modern period, construction of buildings is one of the great sources of business in the world. So, it is necessary to establish some special provisions of law regarding the safety of buildings.

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