My soul soulful soar up the thin air
Between the layers of rainbow and rhyme
The pair of blue-belly-butterflies partake in the fancy flight
Where the ray of the afternoon sunshine fall at a slant by the corner
of the cobble-stoned-paradise
Why I live
And then why do I die
Extra-marital relationships rekindle my passion-prancing knight
While at nights I’m wrapped up between my wife’s amorous breasts and
The parched earth
The wet sky
Single sunflower sips the dew of life as the twilight comes abruptly
severing the senses of my sinning sensual sight
I cry
I smile
I pretend not to sigh
Yet I sigh
Not content with the possession of my obsessive compulsive culprit life
The trembling tree-trunks the tornadoes uproot by the swirl of the
windy might
A dozen dead mice hang loosely off the bleeding murderous mouths of
the cats o’ nine lives
The violets pink and blue are growing sweetly and generously on the
hidden crevices of my untended orchard-tiles
Till death do us apart we will be together by sunset, sunrise
The paddy-fields in the distance lie knee-deep in the monsoon fresh
liquid rime
O do come to read or listen to my last ritualistic requiem of dying life
A nocturnal owl hoot hidden in the thick heavy leaves of leafy surprise
While the pack of wolves
Standing still atip atop the top of the rugged ravine
Is howling to bring down the full ghostly moon romantic and remorseful
Stretched out against the elastic skin of the predawn sleepy archive
The bamboo tops and the tumble-weeds roots submerged and torn twirling
in the restless tidal water of the Mississippi and Missouri
I’m sorry that I cannot appease thee
I lost my phallic magic
Age old is slowly creeping up on me
Aphrodisiac doesn’t work as good as they are advertised on the tv,
radio and talk-show
Twin Towers no more
Presidential election is approaching
I cannot decide who will I vote
Will it be Obama or Romney
And what differences will it make for you or me
The same lies
The same unkept promise
A new war
A new decline to economy
Student loan skyrocket
I think I won’t be able to get my degree
The tension is taught between the spider-strings
The baits sink below the waves of the stream
Some will be duped by the floats
Some will be snatched by the nets artificial and automatic
My mind autistic
My flesh loves making love with the maidens of the prepubescent puberty
Am I abnormal
Am I a freak
I smoke with smoke of the burning buildings
I stretch my legs as I take a leak in the royal rill
O I do not know as how long I will be able to continue this charade of
The faiths of the prophets known and unknown hide between the j-curve
of my masturbating feet
I hate to confess of my own guilt
I do not care for your comment or sensitivity
I write what I believe
I do not see things eye to eye as you, him, her, king, queen,
bacterial viral disease
Assad is still killing
UN cannot do anything
China and Russia veto
The rest reel in a seal
And I just heard Annan resigned from the negotiating table
The mockery of man and machines
Earth is heavy with pollution, war, famine
The fleeing children of the 21st century cannot find rest below the
feet of the warring machines
Soulful soul o’ mine
What transparency
What adequacy, inadequacy
The silky films of light refract off the rough rugged twigs and
branches of the birch tree
The dry dull desert dunes drag to drug more deeply the dungeons dark
and depthless beyond the boundary of all dream-drunken-dream
Soulful soul
Why I’m so sad and sullen so sorrowfully sorrowful
The sinning sun hasn’t yet reached to the apex of the zenithal jinx
The janitorial thrill
The leaping leopard
The lovely longing languishing lily is drawn inward by the enticement
of the ripple at reminiscing darkness-drunken-deep
Her wholly blossomed tulip-tipped-lips
Ripe, chaste nipples are penetrating the Throne of heavenly heel
Hip that encircle Universe
Paradise that she keeps between her feet
O soulful soul o’ mine
Such surreal beauty like hers that do not bind us but blind
And make a poet forget his lust love for words or rhyme
The Phoenix rises from the ashes of life
And Unicorn unbound sever the layer of light
The visionary vision vaguely unveil the veil of the unseen fear fright
The fireflies are fleeting and flickering in the woebegone wooden wild
The waves that rush forever to embrace the death-dice
Kissing the toes of the sandy feet of the strange known unknown
The long-neck giraffe eating leaves off the tipping tops of the
The camouflaged tigers in the maize and rice fields lay await
patiently for the subtle motions of the carnivorous meat
Soulful soul o’ mine
Let’s go a swimming, skinny-dipping in the crystal clear water of the
mountainous moonlit stream
Where the full bloom mystique moon is riding the peaks of the mountain-
And the fir and conifers far far far are standing tall and still upon
the rocky tracks of the igneous and volcanic niche
The groups of red-flickers-ants with thread-like filaments or antennae
on both sides of their teeny tiny brains are spending momentous time
to forage and gather food for their spawning ant-eggs
And then the sudden flash flood of rain inundate the anthills that
they made with so much labor, patience, and care
But mystery still remain a mystery
The last train depart the platform toward the home of the hibiscus-
A silent prayer falls off my nicotine-tainted lips
Against the eroded corrugated walls I see the slow riding of the
tobacco streaks
I’ve written 11 books of poetry
Yet I’m ambiguous of my ingenuity
I’m as poor as paucity can be
Skip breakfast and lunch to do dinner with cat food or dog-biscuit
The red-dyed-hair lunatic shot to kill 12 and injured 58 in a movie
theater in Colorado during the showing of The Dark Knight Rises in the
early morning
Blind-folded justice
The insecure fragile state of the criminal justice
Society worship the sick strata of the sick society
O my soulful soul seem not to comprehend the true meaning made by man
and machines
I do not sleep
I do not walk on the street
I deny to waste my words talking to the headlong headless human species
But how am I to defy the invisible presence of the Being
That lurk day and night
Back at the back side of my tombstone that my mother ejected to be
erected out of her raped thighs
Yes, I’m a raped bastard child
My mother left me
My father took his own life
And I do not know as how I’m going to die
So my soulful soul keep swimming upon the sea-less seashoreless shore
Until the Heaven stoop down to claim me as His wasted seeds of the
soulful soul
Till then I must struggle to survive with a pair of pencils and an ink-
well of alphabetical sore surprise!

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