Sinful Soul

Sinful soul
O dear God I’m your sinful soul
Take this soul away
Give me a new soul
My eyes are open
Yet I cannot see anymore
The sight beyond my sight sigh
My faculty fault at back and front line
I do not seem to comprehend the inner meaning of life
I sin with a smile
I cry with laughter in my eyes
I lust
I long
I commit crime
I do not find peace or respite
The devil prod me to divulge in evil isle
My hearts hurt
My mind do not mind
I walk on the shore of life with one of my feet kicking the sandy
trail of time
O dear God
Who am I
Who will accompany me to my last train ride
Heaven or Hell
Paradise promised by
A lotus in a pond ponder moonlight
A lily in a rill the free fresh breeze romanticize
Ripples of waves surround them from all sides
The sad sunken pride of the ship that they never thought to sink below
the lunar tide
O my sinful soul
Who made you
And who made I
Who is who
And what is why
The red-beak robin deny to die
Singing the sad songs of ephemeral life
Still Sphinx
Phoenix rise
Tame the Unicorn
Do not let them bring the Trojan Horse inside
Paris pleases Helen high
Agamemnon lay dead in a pile of bloody sunshine
O war is wrong
War is whore
Society made religion
Religion make misery myth mold
In a drop of dew the good God conceal all o’ life’s and death’s color
class code
O my sinful soul

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