September 2012

September 2012

Chill air in the wind, September night
I could feel the presence of winter as she waits far away to arrive

Leaves will be shedding soon
Trees will become leafless and nude
They will make ready themselves against the fury of the hoary white

September 2012
You will be soon gone and 2013 will arrive
Earth keeps orbiting on her own orbital line
The celestial chaste bodies are spinning out in the space of divine

Chill air in the wind
I sit outside with a cup of boiling coffee and a pack of Parliament
Cigarettes are getting more expensive day by day
I’m thinking of planting of my own tobacco and some herbs and wine

Modernity has its perks and ill
And I’ve become used to living like a fast-paced-kite

Living pay check to pay check

Work sucks

Household is a vibrating dial

O how shall I ever escape from all these earthly wealth and
possessions of my life
Where humans judge humans by the value of their house, car, and wife

Chill air in the wind
Day and night
A low-flying aircraft is flying by
The flight-instructor has his hands on the student-side-site
You cannot afford to make any mistake while you’re flying high, high
in the sky
Below the Earth lay
Above the blue lie

Chill air in the wind
Children are playing leap-frogs
The street-vendors are selling popcorn and pies
The adults are busy in making love beneath the soft white satin

Some pigeons
Some magpies
Some silly men and women by the bank of the Rhine are watching as the
sun goes down below the wavy Rhine

Sunshine on my vineyards
Moon shine on my wine
Thousands years have passed since I  tasted her twice
Once by the bank of Ganges
Twice by the tide of Nile
Lotus-lipped-lily pond languish and linger in the lonesome autumnal

Chill year in the wind
The reptiles and the amphibians look for warm cozy caves to crawl and

Kindness in her hearts melt
Her lips lick iris wild
She bites me to cross the sky
I bite her nipples to upturn the sky
Stars fall
Sunshine shine
I in her unload my pride
She on me write the wet literature of death and life

Chill air in the wind
Whereof went the will
To be the lover leaping in my lips

Come away
Come away
Come away please

I’ve a magical wand to release thy lively living loving nymph

Unicorn with one horn harness the harvest of the virginal hymn

Phoenix rises  from the ashes of ink

Mighty still Sphinx still stay more lonely and still
Seeing the phases of the Humanity’s resurrected sadness happiness
gaiety grief

Chill air in the wind
I cannot rest
I cannot sleep
The escort-service girl is sleeping so peacefully by my side
I look at her worry-worn face and I blame myself for her plight
Monetized society
Man worship money and machines
Love is now an antique
Lust superseded love with money

I let her sleep as she please
I go out
Out on my semi-dark dimly lit balcony
I stick a cigarette between my lips and some Jack Daniels to drink

The sky is overcast
A thick heavy clouds have hidden the stars
I walk in tiptoeing to the sleeping girl
Like a wondrous bard I look at her
I cannot make anymore love
I hold her gently
Smell her sweet jasmine fragrant hair
Before long
I fall sleep
Lying juxtaposed between her honey-well hibiscus-relief

Chill air in the wind
The old owl is hooting beyond the mahogany swings
The wolf-pack is howling stationed atop the top of the mountainous

Suddenly I hear a scream in my dream
The dream that I never did dream
I sense blood gushing out of my hands and feet
The escort-service girl wasn’t the girl who I believed

The insect of incest killed the prophet of the lost belief

Was it a dream
Or wasn’t it a dream
I didn’t live that long to find out what I did

Oedipus Complex
Electra Complex
I’ve become Homer, and Ovid

Chill air in the wind
And I do feel a little chill
Though I’m dead and gone
And laying in a casket below hundred feet

Chill air in the wind
I wait for you 2013
Let’s see what you will bring
More war
More famine
More of the duchess’ nudity

O how will you be  of any different than 2012 I think
And after 2013, it will be someday some night 202030
Alas! Then none will be there to witness the roaring and rotating
Earth sans humans sans lives around the now-old-solar-ship

Chill air in the wind
Shut your tongue
Ignite my fire in thee!

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