by Ujjol Kamal

Sandy Sandy Sandy
You came and went
Wreaking havoc on the eastern States
Your fits of fury downed trees, power plants
Rivers tumbled causing flooding on the streets
Now I’m living in utter darkness
The shelves are empty in the stores
Some parts of the highways have disappeared leaving the commuters
hanging in the air
State of Emergency
Stay where you’re
There’s no way to go anywhere
There’s no way to see who’s unsafe, who’s safe
Schools and colleges are closed
Spirits of Halloween cry in the desolate dark streets
Some lucky households have hooked up generators to keep warm and peace
The big oak fell on the neighbor’s car totaling her SUV
O Sandy, O Sandy
What you did
Killing so many
Causing discomfort disease
Uprooting trees and plants
Devastating homes and fields
Roads buckled
Houses fell
Traffic lights blew away
Rivers shifted to human dwellings
Millions are now living in darkness and in total misery
Sandy Sandy Sandy
Be off
Get lost
Never come back again
We humans are only mortal
They needn’t need to see thy deadly fury
They’re not yet ready to face or fight thy devilish deeds
O my garden of roses lay in dead inertia
The pavements around the peach garden sank down to earth
The little lily pond flew away and settled itself to the roof of the
No power
No lights
No heat
Hands and feet freeze as I lay down to sleep
Slave of modern machines
Cannot do a thing without modern amenities
Sandy, Sandy, Sandy
What lust
What fury
What misconception
What miscarriage
Do you thus caused us to carry
Hurrying down the whirlpool of devastation, destruction, daredevil
We are all stuck
Forced to live in shelters and eat what they give us
Downed trees
Downed lines
It’s impossible to drive or fly
My lawn and backyard is filled with broken branches, trunks, twigs
O Sandy thou came and went showing us the helplessness of us hapless
mortal beings
Who’s dare to challenge the acts of Nature
Who’s to throttle the throat of divine throes of natural
The wrath of nature must take it own course
Must death comes
Must darkness dart
We couldn’t control her keel over the hull
As the storm contentious contend to turn everything into dust
All the bones and flesh shall fall
Only the souls shall strive to reach to the peak of sun
O what have you done
No power
No heat
No gas to run
I’ve worn two pair of thermal
A sweat pants, and a sweat shirt
A scarf around my neck
Woolen shocks
Woolen gloves
A sheet, a quilt, and a king-size comforter
Yet the crazy cold penetrate through the layered clothes of cotton
wool hard and tough
O first-responders please work on the downed lines to restore power
So we can warm ourselves turning on the heat-hub
Start making food on microwave
Treat the old and the elders
O what sin have we caused
What unknown malady we endured
Why have you thus struck us with the poison of cobra and viper
All our food now getting wasted
The sick and the infirm are ending up to infirmary and hospitals
Seven miles long line leading upto the gas pumps
Empty shelves of groceries bring tears to the hungry eyes of the
Never ever come
We are not yet ready to fight off thy ferocious fights
By the hearth the families gather with makeshift lamps
Cuddled together to keep warm and staying as still as can be expected
of the younger ones
Drinking milk
Eating cereal bar
The anxious parents are calming their children by telling them stories
that been passed down by the lineage of sun
O still it doesn’t feel the same before the Sandy had come
Fall had begun
Motley color of visions the leaves put under the sun
Color, color, color leafing through the foliage of falling fun
And Halloween was just about to begun
Sandy had come
Upturning hope
Wilting fun
Now we all pray for the power to come
So that we can go back doing our day to day chores and tasks
Putting away the non-essentials and get ready for yet another winter!
What pain
What sadness
Thou thus spurned it to yourself
Whose womb you burst open
Whose tombs will you now churn open
From port to port you go carrying the ships and yachts in thy deadly
Toppling buildings
Trampling forests
Bridges break
Temples tremble
Church bells ring rang the rhythms of death
The desolate distant mosque-minaret ominously stare at thy spiralling
Dance of death
Thy whistling wind tear open the breasts of flames
The mortals become awestruck and speechless at the visible signs of
thy all mighty maze
The birds stopped to chirp
The crickets forgot to cricket
The reptiles, the amphibians, the ants, the bees, the butterflies, the
wild-life of the wilderness have stole away to their secret hide-ways
Impatiently they all wait for you to go away
Away, away, away
Away to the vortex oblivious vague
Never to come again
Never to strike again
Never to leave us helpless, dumbfounded
Never to drown us in the sea of cold frozen darkness
Please do stay away
I’ve to go and attend to my prayer to my serene sacred church, mosque,
And offer my prayer to my God never to offer His wrath in thy sad
Sandy way
Be patient
It’s only another day
Tomorrow we shall all rise and shine
And start a brand new day
Now that we’ve all become normal, and the chores and norms of life
sport, play
Sandy is dead and gone
We are still here to build, believe and bless
O my children o’ One God
Let us pray
Forgive and forget
Share thy joy and happiness
Share too thy sadness and shame
The Good God is forever Forgiving and Merciful
He is the Essence of all that is
He is the Essence of all that is seen unseen
Ye Sandy is more no more
Yet we should always be on the look out for any future fury of fire,
fluid, flame
It’s only a life to lead
Be as cheerful as you be
Leave the past in the past
Live present
Future is always there to hope for the best
Sandy is dead
You and I still stand fresh
The divine breath of God in us embrace with the most divine attributes
of God Himself
Sandy is just a sheer shameful shade
You and I still stand afreshed

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