Sailor of Dreams

Who are you, o musafir
Where are you from,
Where were you born, o musafir,
Where are you gone.

In what shore has thou landed
In time and tide?
In what sail, o musafir,
Will thou take thy ride?

Has the wind come this way?
Has the breeze flown away?
Soon will then come the high time
For the storm’s stay.

Very hard if it blow,
In hard way it will show,
The price of priceless dream,
A dream in you it will sow.

Life will be as life has to be
In its hidden path life will go,
A river never stops flowing
Like a river life will flow.

If the stone blocks the river’s path
You think the river will flow no more
But the water knows to take a turn
And land in destined shore.
As it must go,
So does life go,
Today if this life shatter you dreams
Tomorrow the same dream your life will show,
You are a lost wanderer ,o musafir
A lost sailor standing at dream’s bow.

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