Glancing through the clouds of Sharjah, the bold mesmerizing city lights were the first glimpse of beauty of UAE that caught my eyes. The lights formed shapes of different structures, defining a different story into my imagination. Not a frequent air traveler, the blinding city lights from above the sky was my first love of Sharjah, now my second home in this world.

They say it takes time to adjust to a new place, new sets of people, a new culture, and for me it was very true. The happiness that I felt seeing the city from up above took a back seat, while my adjustment to everything new became the priority. Maybe it took some considerable days, even some 2 to 3 months to again feel that genuine ecstatic love for Sharjah. It was an early morning stroll by the corniche near my house. As the cold morning wind swept me into a numb feeling, I experienced that moment of fondness and beauty again – the pigeons.

Somewhere down the horizon, the sky was shadowed by the blends of numerous skyscrapers; the calm water of the corniche embracing hundreds of pigeons, and the birds flying away into their own world of freedom. It was a moment of realization when I too felt to be like those white and grey colored creatures to want to fly, to touch the sky, to realize my freedom, my dreams of the unknown. It was just a profound split of a second that I stood there watching the birds, feeling the changes inside; my dislikes of various adjustments to this city turning into a fondness, an affection that you can only feel for something very dear to your heart. Maybe it was at that moment that I truly fell in love with my surrounding, my new home, Sharjah.

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