Preamble to Love ( Schooling of General David Petraeus)

Preamble To Love( Schooling of General David Petraeus)
O my love spy
O my broad-hipped-girl Broadwell boardwalk bride
Sex paramour
Femme fatale fine
The spy who loved me
The girl biographer who painted me in pigments of her love, life, light
Love paramour
Preamble to love
” All In : The Education of General David Petraeus” she writes dipping
his love-pen in her love-liquid-Rhine
What’s Allen and Kelley upto, what are they doing so late in the
night, neighing nibbling and pulsating their pieces of the prize
inside the sacred secretive shrine
O you fake shaky show of a life of all the rich boring wine-drinking
sex-hungry so-called incestuous socialites
Love spy speak to his girl-biographer over the sex-warm-pillow under
Temptation of the siren-mind
Her flesh is soft and sweet
The soldier-boy surrender his sword upon the door-step of her sacred
Get ready for the deadly clime
Volley of rockets and shells crisscrossing the Middle-East sky
Missiles and bullets
Mortars and canon-kites destroying and burning down the roofs,
minarets, churches, schools, dwellings of the poor innocent orphaned
War rages in Iraq and Afghanistan
The spy chief draws a plan, a map to strike unto the bare bold
beautiful skin of her breasts and thighs
O my love paramour please make me thine
I’m your general
You’re my temporary temporal wife
Tristan and Isolde syndrome
O we cannot control our sexual plight
I love the way you demolish my front line
You love the way I deploy my troops behind your back line
Shells and mortars fall
Bullets and shrapnel fly
Yet we do not give in to the fights of the enemy line
I’ve found my love of gunpowder in thy thighs
Paradise in thy lips chaste ripe
Militaristic strategy wrapped up round around the curvaceous rills,
rivers, valleys of thy honey-sweetened naked rhyme
The more you ride me the more inclined I become to you to reveal the
secret of my secretive classified files
O my lovely queen how you war with me to come and cry multiple times
I like the way you maneuver your Venus pride
Tending to the needs of my Unicorn and Phoenix night after night
Secretly in the general quarters of the war-torn-time
Who cares if my soldiers die
Who cares if my post orders are not posted to safeguard their lives
Paula and I
Pull pulley
Push pie
I in she
She in I
Keep on singing love-lullaby
O my preamble to life
My love paramour partake in my delight
Femme fatale PB steal my night
Wearing her nightie
Gyrating her thighs
She smiles in sunlight
She moans in moonlight
Shrouded in the shroud of secrecy she adds spices to my generalized
sex- life
Paula, Paula, Paula
I like the way you empty the cartridge of my bard- like semi-automatic
serpent, blind with one eye
You like the way he slithers in thy silted site
O how you moan
O how you sigh
Undulating thy back-and-front- line in the rhythmic rhythm of deep
dark forbidden love, out of line
O my adulterous bride
Preamble to love
Petraeus smiles a General smile
Director of CIA
Highly decorated four-star General
Falling to the temptation of the witchy wet wild
Paula Broadwell thus gets her will written in time and tide
The poor Petraeus becomes the victim of yet another extra- marital
militaristic ebb-and-rise
Preamble to love hide in the hide—

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