Phil’s World

Phil is a simple man, or an ordinary guy you could say. When he was born, no one had any idea how to tell him to grow up . His parents, simple and humble fellows they were, had no ideas either on how to tell their son to live. They both were pretty confused with their only son, what guidance to give him. And so Phil had to grow up all by himself.
Phil’s mind is an empty canvass. When you draw a line there, it remains a line; and if it’s a dot, it remains a dot. The black color has black pigment in Phil’s mind, and white color has pigment white. In the same way, every color has its own pigment inside Phil’s brain.
In the local marketplace on Sunday, where the whole town gathered to gossip about the current occurring around the world, Phil is always there the topic of interest. Some said. “Phil lives in dream”, and some would say, ‘The problem with Phil is that he is too practical’. Some called Phil ‘The bad guy’, while others would call him as ‘The only good guy’. Some would describe Phil as- he is like the river, he will flow on and on, but then, in others’ mind – he was the dam that stopped the river from flowing. However, our Phil remained Phil, although some had sworn they had seen Phil perform works of miracle and vanish in broad daylight. For some, it was at night, but then, daylight would catch more attention.
Phil being Phil used to do the work of a Phil, except that he would never do it because it was expected from him, but that the work itself had flown through him. Somehow he had heard his heart whisper to him to become a woodcutter, and would cutter he became. Days and nights, the woods would v=converse with him and he with the woods. In this wide world, another world now began to exist- the world we exist and Phil’s world with the woods.
In time, Phil got married, had children and took care of his family as well as his old parents, and performed all his duties while living his life still in the woods. No, Phil would never smoke, but the woods would smoke in him. You could never expect a man like Phil to get drunk; however, the woods would remain drunk in Phil’s soul. Everything that Phil would not do, the woods would do in Phil, and perhaps it was this way that Phil had reached completeness.
A man as Phil gets to be gifted from above. Since Phil’s health or mind did not desire any, he was almost certain to receive a gift. So one day a nightingale out of thin air appeared in the woods in Phil’s den and asked him to step inside the wooden door. There was this door Phil had then just made, but it was only just a door. Phil had heard the nightingale and he followed. There was nothing inside or outside the door, but then, Phil did hear the nightingale and there could be really no reason not to follow. And so Phil opened the empty door and stepped on the other side, and as you have already expected, yes he all of a sudden found himself to be stepping inside a castle. Yes it was a big castle, made of gold, silver diamond and all precious elements and stones you could think of. It had treasure in it, and springs of wine and all kinds of fruits and delicacies you can think of, this castle was filled with them. Did Phil become happy to receive this fortune? No, he need not become happier. However, he started living in the castle anyways.
Now a man like Phil does not become happy when blessed with a castle. They already are.

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  1. আমি লেখালেখি পছন্দ করি।কিন্ত আমার লেখাগুলো কিভাবে আমি খুব সহজে মানুষের কাছে পৌঁছতে পারব আমি জানি না।

  2. আমার লেখাগুলো আমি কিভাবে খুব সহজে মানুষের কাছে পৌছাবো?

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