Parallel 36*30`

Parallel 36*30′ north
O north and south
East and west
Who’s free
Who’s not free
Freedom is thy inalienable inviolable right
Then the white-men come with gunpowder, religion, and rite
Rendering the whole land into a devastating pile
Trading in fur and slave
Growing tobacco
Growing cotton
Blocking rivers
Killing buffaloes
Hunting feathers
Hoarding scrolls
Placing rails, roads
Denuding forests
Pulling mountains
Parallel 36-30 they cannot leave us alone
They must divide us, debase us
Put us in chains and handcuffs
Humans we are all
Yet the same we shame, shackle, and sell
Assad kills; World sees; nobody does anything to subdue the beast
Russia and China veto; and Assad rejoices in his killing spree
Men, women, and children; raped, ripped limb by limb
O please stop this war, massacre, ethnic cleansing
I wish I was never born to be a part of all these bloody color-coded-
strata of the so-called societies
Gaddafi is dead
Mubarak is in jail
Morsy makes the matter more worse day by day
West Bank
Turkey requests NATO to deploy patriot missiles around her borders
Different sects of the same religion shakes down its own structure
More than hundred die in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in garments-factory-fire;
they didn’t even have fire-exits and the doors were closed with locks
with no keys!
The hospital takes care of Katherine for acute morning sickness
The nurse dies from the same establishment
The pranksters cannot bring back the life innocent
Human mockery
The rest of the late-night-rain the sky hides away to rain in some
other day
Parallel 36-30 north
I’m slave
You’re not
God create all
Mere morsel of blood, flesh, and bone dare to challenge the mystery of
Death awaits each instant by my door
Wait for the order of All Mighty to drop my flesh and set free my soul
Should I not doubt
Should I not be proud
Knowing the strange
Knowing the unknown
Plague of darkness and ignorance plague my senses, sight, and sound
My eyes are open
My mind is stubborn and astute
O I’m forever left out
Out in the Ocean of undeterministic shout
Sky full of stars bring hope
Beneath a bough of old oak
I lay pensive, motionless, and confound looking at the full moon
ascending upon the throne of the far-flung feathery clouds
Parallel 36-30
They hunted me down in the jungle of Africa
After some time they put me in a ship, and sell me again to the slave-
owner of the east, west to enslave our souls and strip our flesh out
of our bones
All day I pick cotton
All night I freeze
I’m not supposed to speak, until I’m spoken to by his or her majesty
Even if I run away they bring me in and beat me till I cannot see
sense or feel
Parallel 36-30
What’s life
What’s living
What’s death
What’s dying
Man make man
The same then put shackles on his feet and hands
Half of the World waste
While the other half starve to death
Odd and even numbered months and years unravel the trying tasks of
time of the past and present
Future is only what past and present shaped
Still the parallel remaineth same
A little rain comes now and then bringing comfort below the parched soil
The dry river-bed wind like a dead snake
Deposits of sand and sediment glitter as jewels as the late-night-
stars shower them with unearthly celestial ray
Drought and famine
War and shells
The blue planet is changing her color from red to pale
Intolerance in beliefs
Ignorance establishes his domain
Diseases incurable
Unusual unnatural sexual acts
Prevalence of drugs, gangs, violence
Theory of delinquents and delinquency
Water cannot quench thirst
Must have red and white wine
O my blue bell silver planet agonizes day and night
All her resources are running out as the human species are setting up
cultures in bricks and metals; concrete and tiles
They’re too busy in cutting, denuding forests
Constructing battle-ships, canals
Nobody has time to reflect on their destructive ways
Fake faith
Fate face fate
Furrowed furrows of waterways carry and deposit the waste of oil and
Parallel 36-30
Everything that begin must end
The pensive mood of a poppy
A lotus lonely languish in a moonlit rill
New Jersey, New Jersey
My fields of blue blueberries
Eastern goldfinch feeding merrily freely off the kind generous
farmer’s bird-feed
The horses solid and healthy galloping through the meadows gay green
Violets blue and indigo are smiling at the honey bees
The tall trimmed red oak trees are shedding shades of happiness warm
comforting upon the shoals of carefree brook trouts swimming in the
Jersey lakes ponds and streams
O parallel 36-30
Why my hearts art so heavy
Why I cannot stay firm and steadfast in my belief
Why I sin with a grin
Why the temptation of flesh and wine leave me incapacitated and wild
Why not I find peace in my mind
Why not I see the sight beyond sight
Why do I cry as I smile
Why cannot I sleep all day, all night
Why the sadness of a maiden melt my eyes
Why I cannot bear to see the sufferings, helplessness of the children
of the lost tribes
Why I hate sunset and sunrise
Why I walk naked below the full-moon-bright-night
Why I cut the tip of my finger-nail with the tip of my gold-braced-
Why I lust other man’s wife
Why I cannot concentrate as I write
Why I use my written poems as candle-light
One of my eyes is bigger than the other eye
I limp a little on right
My teeth are yellow, tainted and sticking out out of receding jaw-line
I spit as I speak
Head is balding
Hip is falling
I’m ugly
Yet my mind is a beauty
I can write poems as I sleep
I like to walk the streets where my whore-sisters trade with pimps
I’m a utter misfit
I do not keep pets or fish
For I’m against the imprisonment of all living things
I make soup with seaweed and silk
I make love standing still
I let her ride me as much as she wish
I think faith is not what it seem
I’m Unicorn
I’m Sphinx
I’m Venus’s warm milk
I’m the tornado tormenting
Sinking Atlantis
Sinking Titanic
Smile of Marilyn
Stupor of Marley’s
Morrison’s lizard’s dance
Mona Lisa’s unknown fling
I’m nude maiden’s beautiful lips
Her silky hair
Nipple’s rings
Emerald bracelets
Bangles on her tender wrists
Lipstick on her fully blossomed red ruby lips
Anklets rhyming on her feet
Ivory clips holding her long long black hair blowing in the wind
I’m the one who you dream
Your deep dark forbidden desire dewy drenched between thy nether lips
The many majestic curves on your soft subtle skin
The eyelids with kohl
The pupils dilating in your orgasmic thrill
The waves not never reach beach
The easy sweet breeze of spring
A wayward lost cloud floating wondrously free
The rainbow bent upon the wet over-arched sky
The stars sparkling spiraling beyond the stretch of other galaxy
The milking of the cow-maidens before the dawn breaks behind the
sockets of the dead saints sages and sylphs
The sudden outburst of poetic emotion as the ink-pen comes in
unannounced stream
The peak of Everest speaking to the zephyr of the zenith
Mahomet’s chariot to Heaven
Moses’s magic stick
Buddha’s meditation
Jesus’ Judas’ kiss
Cleopatra’s asp-kiss
Helen’s broad hip
The awe-inspiring silent still presence of the mighty Sphinx upon the
teeth of the desert dry deep dormant seemingly asleep
Prairie’s peaceful pace
Savannah’s smooth stretch of the grass gay green
Chirping of the birds
Howling of the wind
The tall standing of the empty naked trees below the snowy winter of
freezing freeze
The farmers’ daughters’ rolling on the hay with the farmers’ sons’ pre-
ejaculatory-phallus in swings
The semi-nude houris are dancing in the haze
The nocturnal owls are hooting in the distance dell
The torn sails of the ships in distress
Poe’s bed-rest
Tagore’s songs
Nazrul’s poems
Ujjol’s sleepless nights
Keats’ dying breath
Parallel 36-30
The late night rain falls in pain intense
Sighing silently as they land on my window-pane
The girl off Craig’s list lay delicately deliciously on my big red bed
She’s very expensive
And highly recommended
She will surely keep me wake all night with her youthful love-spell
The desire of the dove dies and dwindles in her dell
The clown in the circus make faces with her painted face
The potpourri of pleasure spreads her sweet fragrance in the air of
the soft moonlight by the least-often-visited bank of the wise Ganges
The jui and jasmine intoxicate my senses
As if too drunk, drunk in the resin of poppy-piping-opiates I break
the barriers of my neurons and nervous systems
I see the color in light
I sense the senses hidden in my hind sight
My extremities grow heavy and my eyes start functioning as the
telescopes of the sky; zooming in and out on the wombs of the starlight
I do not know if I lived or died
Or for how long I stayed in that state of suspended space and time
But while I woke I started crying
I saw my soul soared up in the sky and my flesh morphed into feathers
to become a raven highly perched upon a tombstone of my own life
And the epitaph on the stone read ” Here lies the poet who the mankind
mocked, and many a lovers lied; do not feel pity for him, nor read his
dark esoteric rhyme; let him rot and reek in his own filthy filth
poetic pride”
O parallel 36-30
How cruel is death and life
Here, I’m a raven reincarnated off my own desire and drive
Sitting atop the top of my desecrated rusted grave
Laying forebodingly odd and strange
Witnessing the passing of time with her timeless untimely inescapable
Knowing not
Grooming and gnawing at the knots of nothingness
Still await patiently at the arrival of the first and last prophet
Parallel 36-30
We are all slaves to our own blood and flesh
Some deny
Others accept
But the end is same
Life waste
Death recycle
A drop of dew
A tear of a tear traces the tracks of all secrets of the Seer All-
Mighty All-Knowing Omnipresent
Parallel north 36-30
Let me be not the cup-bearer of thy festivity
Nor the peeks of the steep mountains that the mortals bring down to
make ways for roads and streets
Reinventing and reliving the rhythm of life through the seeds of sun
and sleep
Dead are all kings and queens
Dead are all farmers and their farming fields
The last warfare in nuke completely wiped out the existence of men
women children machines; no visible, invisible, viable signs of life
to see or seek
Only a lonely charred earth rotating wobbly around the solar sun who
himself do not have that long to live
Everything must come to an end
Begin your life where the ending end
The soft petals of the rose protect her duly from the frost-bite of
winter, from the dry drought of summer
The little girl cries for comfort
The fairy with no wings fell to earth
Parallel 36-30
Where we are
Who we are
The osprey with one-leg stood upright in the shallow lake
Outstretching his purple neck in the muddy water of the semi-
transparent lake, siphoning the fluid-flakes in search of the small
fry that he might get to feed her hungry nest
The cow-herds quit grazing on the pasture of green fresh grass
Fenced in and around by the lessee of the leased-farmer
They must head home before the blanket of dusk dust
The business could be heard and seen from far round around the rough
rugged corners of their dust-unsettling-hooves
The cow-maids wait patiently for them to come home so that they can
start milking them before the hungry calves get busy finishing the
abundance of milk from their mothers’ udders fully filled with
nourishment plentiful
The mango-blossoms blooming under the full moon
The lotus and lily play on the harp of happiness-fused-hue
O my parallel 36-30
Set free my soul
Unbound Prometheus
Unchain my muse
Life’s a mystery
Death’s doubly unknown
Let me be
Let me be the shadow of my own shadow
God and Lucifer
Heaven and Hole
Hold me not, hold me not by the knots of thy ever-doubting soul
Let me sail through the storm of all wombs and tombs
I’m not I’m
Till you let me tilth thee in thy field of holy hallowed hymn

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