Pain pain pain
Go away, go away
Away away away

Who are you to break my heart
Who are you to steal my soulmate

The stranger in strangeness shift through the images of my life and

Pain pain go away
Never come again
Never compete
Never complain
Alas! Needlessly to say I’m in pain

O let the rain come to soothe my unsettling unrelenting brain

The soothsayer said one day I will be dead before I’m ten

I’m now ten plus ten plus ten plus ten
The soothsayer proved to be wrong again

Please get ready for a long poem

Pain do not stay
I’ve to write all night, all day
Till the tilt of the twilight-tilted sky has stopped tilting to the
southern side of the Fishnet Bay

Pain pain go away
I’ve to write a long poem
Detailing the folly, the mockery of the human race

The story of gods and goddesses
The fallen fairies and angels
God in Paradise
Lucifer in Hell


Dark Ages
Middle Ages

Ages of Darkness
Ages of Innocence

Ages of Wisdom
Ages of Ignorance

Valley of the Shadow
Valley of the Death



Charles Dickens

The Romanticists
The Lake Poets
The lyricists of the rest and dead

Moses wandering in desert leading the tribe of Israel to the land of
honey and bread

Troy is burning
Atlantis is sinking
The sirens are singing the songs of death

O ode to the lamentation of my inescapable self
Where the soul is imprisoned
And the flesh feasts on flesh

The fields of maize and paddy bring happiness to the poverty-stricken
farmer’s face
And the farmer’s wife and daughter express their thankfulness to the
Creator of all creations for giving them such rich harvest

Pain pain pain
Go away
Go away

I’ve to write a new poem

A new line
A new lane

The distant ship is sailing away

The far away seagull is flying away

I’m left alone
Left confronting the devils of my own created self

Pain pain go away

Which way the wish weigh
Which way the wind wait

In a ring of fire the witches play, chanting the chant in mysterious
flame; making a broth magical with the tongues of toads, liver of
goats, and vomit from the vicious snakes

Pain pain go away

Tears of tulips the rain claim in the form of fluid pain

The light-house distance guide the lost ship in gale
Saving the seamen in the wooden frame

The full ghostly moon is racing away leaving behind the scattered
clouds of shapeless shame

All o’ life’s secret lay in a blade of iris or blue-bell

The enigma of enigma is hidden behind her eyelash

Pain pain pain go away

The rose buds are budding in the warmth of May
May Queen worn in satin dress address the attendees of the flowery

The astronomer finds out a new planet
The astrologer finds about a new life-lane
Yet all that get revealed is already been made and revealed
Nothing is out there that never been copied or mimicked or made

Pain pain pain
Who’s in there playing this game

The gamekeeper keep games, and then he sets them free to play their
own games

Believing not in the beliefs of blames

The level of toxicity is increasing day by day

The pollutants of the pollution turning the Earth into a waste land

Thick fog of anarchy hang heavy in the air of human breath

The Great Wall
The Great Barrier Reef

Mount Rushmore
Grand Canyon
New York


The half of the Earth eats
While the other half starve to death

The polarized stars in the North Pole keep staring from far far far
away off the outer shell of the Galaxies of no color, no names
While the gravitation of gravity gives in to the seemingly demand of
the outer space

Unicorn wild
Phoenix wet
Mighty Sphinx
Civilizations lost renamed

Pain pain go away
Who’s there to re-arrange the matrix
Who’s there to remake what is made

I’m the iris of your eyes
I’m the one for who you cry and smile

Dig out a ditch to lay dead mice

To look for the cure of the incurable insect bites

Leaf through the leaves of religions and rites

Learn to walk left and right

Right a wrong with another right

Wrong a wrong with another right

Fall in
Fall in
Formation one two nine

The front line falls

The back line is bombed and torn

Yet the General cries fall in, fall in
Wipe them all

War is wrong

Senate makes a new resolution to send more troops
And the House votes to uphold the senatorial right

Soldiers die

Their dead bodies the rats and mice defile

Their mothers cry
Their children become orphans for life
Yet the General cry
Fall in
Fall in
Wipe them pigs and swines

Bullets fly
Ambushes in the nights

O how to win this cursed unwinnable war of the manic mankind

Fight in the name of faith
Fight in the name of fate
Foreign soldiers in native soil
The natives hate and spit on them

I desert my post
I refuse to be a part of this manmade insane game

Man killing man
Raping women, children
Collateral damage

The child soldier cut off my hearts and hurl it toward the hungry herd
of wolves and canine curs
Cussing and cursing
Stomping on my eyes, feet, and mutilated liver, tongue

Pain pain go away
I do not know who to bless
I do not know who to blame

Alaknanda cry in vain
She wakes up very late
Dreaming of someone who she can never forget

He who was so much in love with her
He who was her virginity’s love and lust
Who she touched
Who she tucked
Who she dreamt of dipping in her love-flask

O is it shame
Is it guilt, self-blame
Desperate desperation to forget what had happened on that day
They two stood by themselves
Side by side
Between the trunks of the tall firm red-wood and pine
She breathed in him
He breathed in her
Their tongues rolled and locked
Like two love-pigeons pecking at each other’s love-pistols
He went her in
She yielded and moaned
Together they moved like the common cosmic planetary motion
Then they came together in perfect unison
Both spent in sweet love potion
Like the lull, the moment after an unannounced storm
They lay on each other as two peas in a pod

O life
O my lost cause
The complex of the complexes
The catalyst of the cost

She seems not to comprehend yet what went in that gay green
spontaneous time episode

You’re no more
He’s no more
You two got separated like the same twin sepals off the same rose
Who robbed your rose
Who let you play with the Unicorn and the Phoenix of the prophets,
poets, playwrights known unknown
Lost in the residue of time
Buried in the birth-canals of the virgin-brides!

She tiptoes outside and stares at some empty shells that she had
picked up from a far away unknown shore of some more foreign strange

There’s a full-moon looking at her worry-worn pale face
Her eyes well-up in tears and a thin ray of subtle moonlight refract
forlornly off her about-to-trickle tears

Arti, Arti, Arti
Do you remember my name
Do you feel me deep in your brain vein
Do you sense me in your invisible pain

I’m the one
Who used to hold you
Kissed you so lovingly intense

You were so young
I was so young
Everything seemed so lost in our love sphere

Your ruby lips
Your long black hair
Your big eyes magical made all maya

Your youthful hearts ached with pleasure below the heavenly chaste
ripe growing perky breasts of faith fate prayer

Aarti, Aarti, Aarti
What went wrong in our love affair
You were Hindu
I were Muslim
What did it matter
You said they wouldn’t approve of our matrimonial meter
I wish you would understand me better
I would do anything for you if you had just said let us be together

Life goes on
Time has its own womb and tomb
I do not know if you’re still living or not
I’m just hanging in and on by the shaky thread of fateful fall

I wish you’re happy
I wish you’re as merry as you used to be before

O how I miss you, your smile, your laughter, your childish naive
playful sport and talk

One night it was raining very hard, the thunder roared and the
lightning rolled

You came to me all wild and wet

Like a lotus gleaming in a rainy lake

Like a lily longing to be kissed by the lips of dewy mist

You came nearer to me
I held you closer
Dried your soft sweet figure with the warmness erupted out of love-
thirst hearts

You yielded in
Like the sky yields in
Slowly softly
Sweetly to the divine penetration of the first ray of the sunrise

I do not remember thus how long we held each other
I got affixed on you like the mighty Sphinx upon the desert
And you O my aphrodisiac Aphrodite in mask let loose thyself of thy
virginal fastenings of love and lust

I got melted in thy hymeneal heaven
You got melted within the same warm love balm


O my first love
O my first cup of star-dust

Divinity divine
Goddess beauteous calm

Flowing of the river
Flying of the fun
Flowers flowery
Imaginations unbound

Dancing of the dervish
Streaming of the sun
Dream in dream
Sleep in in the sleepless sun

Pain pain pain
Go away
Go away
Away away away

Alaknanda come to check on the unfurling of the hallowed holly fern
laying adjacent to the jars full of poinsettia, marigold, and geraniums
Some spiders have spread their snares crisscrossing the creepers,
crawlers of the vineyards

Arti stoops a little while to pick up some fallen buds

The buds that never meant to bud or bask in the flowery formation
under the warm welcoming sun

The sighing wind come to confirm the justification of her forgotten
forbidden love that she never confirmed

The one who she left
The one who she stood up

I stood there for her half a million year
Till the World collapsed and the Ganges sank below the evaporated Earth

Yet I couldn’t find her
I couldn’t smell her sweet fragrant jasmine hair

Pain pain go away
Go away to the distant far
Where shadows sleep not
Where no moon cause tidal surge
Where God is not lonely
Man is not worshipping wasp

Arti looks up at the overcast sky
A pain piercing penetrates her eyes
A presence of a strange spirit embraces her from all sides
O is it he
Who come to consummate her flight
Or is it a bad spirit trying to make her fright
The moon comes out in sudden splash of light
The spirit leaves her
She feels very light
Her knees give in
She had to sit upon the soft bed of grass-growing xy

Let there be light
Stop genocide
You and me
Sip and sigh
Bare back on Mississippi
Skinny-dip in Nile

Thousands years have passed
Since I tasted you twice
Once by the bank of Ganges
Twice by the tide of Euphrates and Rhine
Your Milkway Galaxy made me un-entwine the secret of mystery beyond
the realm of darkness and light

You’re me
I’m thine
I in you
You in I
Made all gods and religions, sunset and sunrise
Sipping our love-liquid by our flesh-fused-fiery delight

Pain pain
Go away away
Never come back again
Nor make me sad insane
I have to rest rewind relax
I have to express my love late
The day lengthen as the sun get shame
The night owl howl in the far away distance
As the darkness seep through the forests of leafy recess
And the flocks of fireflies gathered together to take rest
The rest of the weary world busy in entertainment
The painted girls under neon-light look for access
Vice and virtue beget so much nonsense
Arti is praying in deep torment
Pain pain please go away
Away to far away
Leave me alway
Pain pain

To noway
Far from play
Tulip torn tear tale
Sailing ship is sailing away
Watery wave the ocean rise ebb
Her lips are lilac, hips curvaceous universal
Her long long black hair enshroud death existence
The wild west wind whistling in the woebegone forest
As the galaxies of stars represent the divinity of nearness
And the twilight kisses the hem of Earth in subjugation
The month of monsoon drip with incessant wet rain
Nobody protest as death comes stopping your breath
Pleasure in flesh ignites the sinful rest
Rushing in and out love came
Sad soul weep in pain
I cannot her shame
She is flame
I am

Breakers break
Lovers love reshape
Liquid love-lava lively lake
Releasing the seeds swiftly shed
Inside her universe of divine depth
The stars over there timelessly smile sparkle
Witnessing the maya that God curve curb create
Knowing is not knowing in the space engulfing space
Fiery flame of the faceless faith cannot fathom the fate
Torches with test the angels with wings split break away
While the mighty divine God above cry create complain
And the Lucifer in Hades address the oppressed
Competition conspiracy to get the upper hand
Two dozens daisies dancing in trance
A little robin sing sang
Secret of sink sank
Loving you I
Paint you

Me not
None to write
Silly sad sun shine
Above the roof tops’ tiles
The followers sit side by side
The feathers of glory her thighs hide
The pinkish hue of the red rose magnify
The maya of the natural beauty beneath sun rise
While the whole majestic moon marauding the still even sky
Pet me not none to read write the religious-ritualistic scroll
The roar of the thunder the mountain range broke
The boatman uses his wooden oar going upshore
Sea with no shore sob silently forlorn
Deep dark desire drip drip drop
As rain on dew drop
Fall to feel tall
Love love call
Feast on

In flesh
Found faith fate
Fun fired Helen’s cave
Paris plundered her rosy bed
Do not bring that Trojan Horse
The Greeks hide inside with due hate
Atlantis sink below the billowy watery foamy deep
The ship in the stormy seas embraces unavoidable death
The dragonfly must die before the next puritanical sun rise
A drop of dew secretly silently conceal life’s sacred hue
Due of death each of you must desperately pay
There’s no escape, space must not rest pace
Nor the tyrannical time tie tide’s tail
Every smile follow fly a cry
A tender tulip see sigh
An islet in eye
I inside her
She inside

Not mind
Let thy soul
Sever all sinful tie
Life is a real mystery
Death goes beyond all senses sight
Sycamore sigh in the easy breeze bright
The nocturnal baby owl hoot out of surprise
The night hawk stood alert to catch unprotected mice
The girl who charges hundred dollar got syphilis last night
Fall’s here to torch the sky, shedding colorful leaves lullaby
Very soon winter will arrive bringing snow and ice
And chill wind will replace summery love line
Moonlight will fall in heavy thick light
Tears and smile side by side
Please do set me free
I must not sigh
Nor God defy
You are

Lie lie
Let lily lie
Who’s there to dare
The devil of the paradise
O do not go lonely undefined
Let the sad silly sun rise shine
Let the moody moon no more mimick cry
The tip of the tulip tender fine delicately verify
The secret of existence lay between her soft sweet thighs
The Phoenix defying death arises from the ashes of life
One horned Unicorn she tames putting in her pride
She then rides him to joyful jealous land
He comes in her unloading his high
She on him gyrate her thighs
Love liquid ebb and ride
O how she moans
How he sighs
Twin tide

I am
Not am I
Pride is not pride
Do not lead bad life
Do not say she’s not right
Every woman is a beauty pure divine
Worship woman day and night every bit time
Never hurt woman, nor make them suffer or cry
Or else the mighty divine God will pour punishment unkind
O my painful pain whereof thy birth extinction dark light
I’ve unknowingly committed so much sin against my eye
Now that Creator left my side I’m blind
I cannot pray, I cannot cry smile
I loved her in rain sunshine
She loved me in time
We both lay lie
Eye in eye
You and

In you
You in I
Where is what why
Faith fate feel fail likewise
God makes man ant meteorite mice
Yet man breaks divine divinity of life
Space to space stretches giving out blinding light
The Lucifer rules Hades forgetting the wrath of sunshine
Many a prophets came and went spreading despair truth lie
The oasis inside the strange mirage beseech the universal wild
While flocks of sheep and camels meditate in twilight
Bedouin women make bread porridge with water wine
Love bulbul long to fly away paradise
Little girl dream of pigeons pride
Pot of poetry parade price
Life cannot be defined
Nor death die
Pen poem

Or unkind
A strange mankind
Kill rape massacre tribe
Come and plunder peaceful shrine
Spiteful speeches spread hate hatred spite
Spitting speeding speculating on speedway of life
Seven seasoned seagulls soaring above the silver sky
While the hole of the wholesome universe rewind unwind
Spit spit onward toward forward faces of the splitting sight
The site sacred secret sacrosanct see not the sight right
The dew drops on lily longingly lovingly licking light
Rain of monsoon come too soon before sunrise
Deeply wounded the robin sigh cry smile
Three pair of pigeons stall time
Tide on oceans ebb rise
Do you love me
I love you
Mile after

Of sadness
Sadden her sight
Tear drops trickle right
Silly sun sailing the fright
Tell me untold tales of flight
Try to see the sight beyond sight
The mystery of maya that hide beneath hide
The helpless cry of the virgin-bride under bleeding light
While the serpent with one eye rejoices  in pleasure unkind
O let her torn-flesh witness the murder of cruel mankind
On a lotus-leaf romantic ray of twilight rest rhyme
The recession of economy redefine color class crime
Undo redo repaint life’s picturesque painted pie
Death do not address dying-dahlia’s cries
Break all bonds barriers ties
Be insightful kind nice
Love lover’s eyes
Love her

Not ill
Being is being
O dull dreary life
Do leave me very swift
Svelte saffron sky see sigh swing
Seeing the sparks sparkles of stars sweet
Twinkling from far away heaven of cosmic suite
Where God preside over the realm of creation grief
While the Devil in Hades rouse the dark-devilish souls sick
O who will come to save my sin-singing sinking ship
War women wine make my flesh fed will weak
I’ve fallen, spending my time in wicked trips
Moon causes tidal surge flooding forest rill
Petals of red roses reimburse love
Dipping love in lustful dust
Silver spur dream cast
Players of play
Scene act

On oneness
Zero to one
She feels none numb
Little birds chirp in trees
The cloud brings heavy rain shower
She has thick black brown silky hair
She makes love like the daughter of Aphrodite
Between waves of late night that moon maiden rear
The peak of the mighty mountain speak to Universal One
The history of past present and future embroiled in despair
The paddy-fields with ripe rice invite the harvest sun
Twilight kisses amorously the peaceful lips of earth
Fragrance of jui, jasmine intoxicate evening air
Simple village fair make happy farmer
He buys candy for daughter
And bangles for mother
Pan pot platter
Mulch for

Grass grass
Grass for prayer
Envision fairy angel fair
Thought comes in different pattern
Myriad of maya mystery make meter
The music that dances walks makes love
Individually with each other opening up love fissures
Like the lily and lotus in moonlit romantic prayer
The shrines that dare not, adore not our manmade war
The celestial spinning ball roaring and rotating around the sun
A day shall come out-running over-running the race run
Sight sound shall all become dull-dreary silent numb
Cultures class color conflicts will dust dirt
Gatherers of the fate-faith falter fear
Seafaring affair of siren doves
Sinking ships seas lust
Poems art written
In pain

Faithless sun
Is riding above
Villages of simple fun
Church bells ring calling followers
The false alarm of destruction near
Tiptoeing the stairs of mosque temple church
Fill up my empty wine-wedded flask with mirth
Below the chill of earth the earth-conquering atheists burn
Like the prophets unwelcomed, the poets drinking to death urn
O my bloody fated faithless sun streaming down light lantern
While owls and night hawks preying on dreamy drums
O let thy hurting hearts not gone unanswered
Nor thy slaving soul imprisoned for one
Be happy thankful kind gentle fun
For after death none matter
It’s only you everywhere
No one far-near
Shun sun

O my lifelong painful pain preserving thy holy hallowed name
Whereof thy Sire put away the shamming sex shame
Tyrannical tired torrential rain pouring in tidal flame
Knowing never the destination of index game
Ancient mud made musical metrical maze
Sweet soft smell of fragrance
Red roses feign faint
Mind mimic test
Taste not
Face face
Faces of face
Fair fabric of face
Ruby red pink purple lace
The mermaid is singing in pain
The sirens are swinging ends of waves
The crystals are glittering in the silent ray
The fields of rye are lying ripened sweetened shaped
The light house distant linking the foggy disappearing ship sail

O who’s there waiting by the side of the moonlit-lake
O why can’t I remember reinvent thy sweet name
Why the good God so thirsty us praying
O why humans hate kick kill humans
And the race run rebuke rebel
Doing all undone undue days
Stare toward the sky
Not calm tame
Tears drop
Wind wind
Whirr of wings
The blue bees beat
Concealing secret in the breeze
Where awry feathers fly to free
Off the bondages of life intoned trip
Flesh that fire the passion in porous peels
The painted pot of poetry then willingly hang loosely
The flickers of the candles dream in the clandestine dreams

O tapestry of pagoda swinging palace maiden meet mate mix
While the houris are dancing nude in harems hips
In unworldly trances they seem all sway sing
Ignoring the rules of physical bound belief
Like space giving birth to Galaxies
Stars to stars breaking in
Milky Way in milk
En route meek
Sip deep
Let light
Light thy pit
Speak not thy wit
Treat her with respect please
In my warm mother’s womb forever
I might choose to remain without being
The victim of my forefathers before the visit
Of the religious prophets pricks passing as insects beasts
O my unbelievingly priests play not with thy congregating pill

Life’s not what it seems all holy hallowed sweet serene
The serpent grin behind the veil of despair grief
Sin is out there to get you transfixed
Avoid lust jealousy envy all in all
Better be safe than be bold
Be not rash cruel cold
Today you will die
Tomorrow is I
Death alway
Matter not
Class color price
Pay death due upright
Cannot buy ticket to paradise
Nor delay the death’s caravan kite
All must depart die leaving all behind
All that you liked loved lied treasured tried
The bonds of friendship enmity will dissolve as ties
Eyes will not be witnessing the undressing of the tribes

O who will stop them from fighting feigning the time
Pain pain pain go away to resurrect the clay-clime
To touch gently the lips of blue-belly butterfly
Telling truths to  poets parrots hurting blind
Sight behind sight sighing shaming crying
Nightingale in the night neigh
There’s no sick surprise
Sickness not nice
Blissful bride
Left right
Up down dive
Warm wet lips smile
Milking my love liquid divine
She’s the one escaped from paradise
To make love welcoming warm wet wild
O let my glide you through creativity-clad clime
Where the endless infinite stars burst open God’s shrine
Behind the veil of vague paradise palace paradaidical play eye

Who will accompany me to the courtyard of sinful crime
And who will flush open my hearts harpooning delight
Seeming scenes unfold to take part in pride
The red-beak robin sadden song of life
A pair of pigeons politically pry
Padlock of desire dye dye
Doe eyed beauty bright
Tiny tender tight
Fully ripe
Tuber kind
Love petals open
Wet wild warm wise
To eat the swallow flying
By her tongue of pleasure ply
Implore me to relight torch of life
As of today she becomes wife of nights
Wolf hyena kite gorge fun in her naked hide
The priest upon the pulpit preying on the soft aisles

The forlorn forgotten tribes of the forgetful file line rime
Trying writing poetry as the sunshine settling on Rhine
Stop worrying about grammar syntax on each line
Just keep writing while your thought entwine
Spontaneous outburst of emotion be wild
Words run race swim fly
Do not bind them
Rule them tie
Just write
What you
Sense see sight
Let feelings freely fly
See the site beyond site
Kiss moonlit lips of lily prime
As you would be kissing thy wedded-wife
Making love to her like the mating butterfly
As waves would do to rising romantic lunar tide
Dissolving them liquid love with the liquid lips of time

Do not hesitate whatever you think to read write worthwhile
Do not concern yourselves with the criticism with kites
Best poems are those that never been typed
By the tyrants of the literary rats-mice
Poems should be written in rhyme
Or not necessarily in rime
Let it be meaningful
Should be wise
Odd unique
Shock sink
Phrase word letter
Dot against blank sheet
Of sleepy virginal despair delight
Daughters of alphabet in out wind
As love bishop with ink-filled pens penetrate
The petticoats of new brides like pensive playwrights
O let thy poems redefine redesign the truth of poetic-clime

Do not let them stifle suffocate thy honest earnest try
Be consistent, be steadfast as you embellish your rime
Let the full-moon come down kissing your sky
And rain of monsoon make marigold merry
Blossoms of cherry kind ripe cherry
Buds of roses becoming fairy
Red hot fiery ferry
Female fires up
Ruby ruby
See sea
High heal hill
Pencil unseal the seal
Paint a picture inside hail
Dwellers of Hell cannot see smell
Nor sense the senses of pain prem
Only the memory remain to blame the flame
That serpent of the Hades kept to tame entail
The deep dark desire of the prayer thirsty clergy clan

The roots of the trees get uprooted in the tornado-tilted-tail
As the soothsayer of the slaying tribes face deface
The faces of the Face that space outspace
Spacing the steps of painful pain’s pace
Whore sister stares at right left
Looking for men women rest
Poverty pays none to
Make timely tape
Hunger hatred
Hungry haze
Morn noon eve
Cave save reptiles late
Mutation of the mutated species
Process of osmosis plants place intake
The steps to the journey’s end lengthen
And the day and night finally becomes equal
Settling inch of aura ray shades of happiness sadness
Upon the blue tiny planet Earth where men machines multiply

Raising the pure progeny of life beating breathing day night
Embracing infinite maya of light darkness tied to ties
Trying hard not to disturb the cyclic sublime
Soft sweet subtle glancing of the eye
Lily-lipped lotus linger as sun shine
Ripples of watery waves die
Heading headlong low high
Rings of Saturn
Far away
Sigh escape
Seeing the site
That shouldn’t be seen
Let alone experienced in pride
God’s busy making writing the time
By the reflection of the half-moon tide
The mighty majestic eagle is gliding through sky
The naked singularity singles out the airy empty sty
The rainbow bent is over-arched across the wide wet wild

The woods woebegone where the willow weep all summer long
The undergrowth grown beneath the bough of pine sycamore
The fruit flies are hurrying along beyond bonds
Of the green trees beside moss-grown tombs
While I mistakenly conceived in womb
A bastard child is born
Nobody to care call
Mother left me
Father gone
Foster home
Drug abuse dope
Blemish bruises eyes torn
Making porn in hidden halls
Juggling along from home to home
Lost all respect of the societal norms
The judge sends to serve sentence in prison
The crime that I never committed nor heard of
The victim of the class color coded system for all

Laws are made to protect riches wealth of wealthy dogs
While the poor populace stay hungry dusk to dawn
O Duchess of Cambridge takes off her clothes
Future Queen of England show them all
Please Kate put some clothes on
Be respectful to divine God
You’re too bare bold
Save thy hold
Fairy fold
Raped robbed
Cross Thames Rubicon
Freaking royal loyal loops
Fuck all color class religions
God lives within your fleshy bowl
Life starts and ends with you painful
Behind the veil of infinity the creativity pall
While the sand scattered sandy shore silently sigh sob
Knowing not the destiny dissipating behind the door of frost

The girl with ruby-red frock frolicking in the summery cot
The cottage in the courtyard lying in desperate fog
A little lost frog leapfrog above the bog
Where the fog of twilight tremble talk
With the aspiring spirits of dawn
Coming out of dead corpse
A hideous scene unfold
Fear fear fear
Tear tear
Off poppy
Pink purple prompt
Painting the picture thought
Borrowing the pigments of resin
Off the beds offering romantic talk
The breasts of roses and jasmine drop
Seeing the sizzling size of the serpent’s rod
His twitching tongue suck and lick longing lily’s loch
Piercing the prayer house of the followers of the faithful-fall

Painful painful prayer full of pot praying preying deep dot
The daffodils are dancing daily dreaming of the lot
Pouting pouring loads of rain flooding the plot
The players performing art lost and gone
Theater house empty of fake plots
War torn Sahara drip drop
Sad sighing sandy sob
Sexual fantasy fall
Foaming love
Nipples tight
Hips become hot
Hitting flesh in flesh
In holy hallowed elastic hole
Wholesome love juice the maidens hold
Not too long before erupting outward form
As the glittering dew drops reflecting the morn
While the ray of the ascending sun suddenly stopped
Seeing the sin of the sagacious monk masturbating the soul

Go away
Go away
See which way the pain pail play
The picturesque pictorial paint that the painter in pain constant
painted in the incestuous pigments of paints

Pain pain pain
Who’s in
Who’s insane

Insanity insane bend the thread of lively life’s dwarfish death-bed

Playing plays in mud and clay

The prisoner of sex and flesh

The politicians pawn their wives daughters and power-play to win the
elections that had signs of stalemate

The sky is overcast
The night cries with crickets
Summer went away
Leaves of fall about to fall fell
Falling face down upon the pitch-made streets towns

The bayonets bleed the birth places of the religious rakes

Nobody has time to pray
They have time to prey

Sick suck society
Unmentionable scenes acts

Wedding bells

Money make class cakes
Judges delete constitution
Houses house the inept
Senators seek the mellow the meek

The mayors and the governors cross state lines to have sex with their
daughter-like-wife-like likes disguise

Pain pain pain go away go away
I’ve to go away away
Where’s there’s no injustice, no labels, no names

Where children never cry
The young prostitute never starve and die

Where the protectors never prey on their own kind

Where there’s no moon, no shine to moon and sun through the sinning of
our defective mortal sights

Where man never make machines
Or cut the throats of time

Where there’s no witchy witch hunt

Where faith never come to sow the seeds of fear in the hurting hearts

Where there’s no prince or princess, king, queen, royalty, late-night-

Where there’s no book to read, no writing to lip

Where all are same

One and hale

No paradise to lust
No Hell to hate

Nobody to worship
None to push to faith or fate

Only you is there to make your own face to anything nothing that you
may or may not want to make

Please go away
Away go please pain

Don’t face

The more you haste the more you delay

The more you smile the more you pale

See not to see
Seek not to seek

All seen
All sought

It’s a mere repeat

Recycle the cycle
Cycle recycle itself

Pain don’t go away!

If there’s no pain then there’s no prem

Love hate

Came went
Come came

Orgasm to orgasm make liquid origami in flames

Pain pain pain go away
I’ve more shame to shame

The skeletal muscles are numb in pain
Too much medicinal shake to shake through the cabins of neurons and

The tails of the sperm-cells proceed to request to get a chance to see
the mystery life and death to the Queen of all causation and case

The lips of the tulips are trembling in hate as the lips of the worms
trying to molest her maze

A soft rain is falling in the thin air of pain as the fog sets in
unsettling the haze

The groups of lily and lotus in the middle of the moonlit lake
congregate to meditate beneath the blanket of star-studded-frame

A sweet forlorn tune of the sitar is heard in the distance; the
sadness of her tune doubly sadden my forgetful oblivious soul

As if in a trance induced by the poppy beautiful and bold it seemed I
got transported to the realm of liquid gold

I could see the domes glittering

I could see the sky came down with dewy dance

There was a God sitting on a Throne

And there was a garden made with sapphire, emerald, precious semi-
precious gems and stones

The leaves of the trees were made of gold

And the water that rolled on the rivers are not water but honey and

Pain pain pain
What are you after
Like a drifter
You keep on drifting forever forever

Today in my vein
Tomorrow in my brain

You keep changing your positions as the fickle mind of a prepubescent
girl who’s about to have new phase of fuss


Padma, Meghna, Jamuna, Vogobote, Sorosote



Exilic exile of the faiths
Crossing of the Red Sea
Receiving of the Ten Commandments
Remaking of the rain flame
Redistribution of porn
The haves
And the haves-not
Classification of the blood drop


Epicedial episode
Tattoos reading


War, rape, genocide
Pre-planned murder of the whole race
Such hatred
Such hegemony among human race
Spiritual nonsense
Seeing is unseeing
Unseeing is sense
Shadow to shadow weep shedding the tearful tears of shades

O how to and when to draw line between life and death when she’s in a
vegetative state
Her eyelids move
But the eyes never open
A beat and breath here and there every night, every day
The physicians and nurses say there’s no way of knowing if she will
ever wake
What am I to do now
I wrestle with my own self, and think continuously as when to draw
line between life and death




O please give me a break
Nonsensical numerical bell, blemish, blame

O do exhume my body to see the cause of my questionable death

The report of the postmortem says, Death by suffocation and
asphyxiation  by the lover’s love and hate

They carry me to inter my body in a wooden frame

The wife cries and the mother mourn

The children are confused and stoned

The priest recites the last ritualistic rite of the prayer as the
coffin-carriers lower the corpse

One by one
They then disperse and disappear in the heavy approaching fog

Only the birth-giver remains by the side of her son’s freshly entombed

Tears trickle down her old weary-worn face

She remembers the time while she gave birth to this baby who now
sleeps in the grave all alone

He was a good boy
He loved chocolate and homemade cakes

She used to take him to the village fair when he just started to walk
and talk and asked all the silly questions that had no meanings and make

O now the boy is dead

Such an empty void the mother feels in her chest

The boy who she gave birth left the Earth
Leaving behind her to mourn the untimely death of her own flesh and

Who’s to follow to the path of pain
Forsaking pleasure
Forgetting prem
Forgoing blessings with blames
Vice with virtue
Sin with shame

An oasis in the desert maze shimmer like a jewel
Where the tall firm rich date-palms stand upright to offer comfort to
the tired famished hungry passers-by and herds of camels
An ancient quilt made by the Bedouin women is hang out to dry in the
heat of the desert flame

Pain pain pain go away go away
Away away away
Far from the modern monetized mechanical ways

Go and stay to far-flung distant land

Just be being thyself

None to despair
None to detest

No society to worship
No God to pray

No due
No debt

Niceties stand alone

Space space space

Flowers blossom
Music play

Wind makes love to the breezy belle

Beauteous beauty bathe nude in the more beauteous bay


Inseparable constant pain why thus thou consummate me day by day

Nightly I wake to feel through the darkness

There I see the spirits of the dying dreams speaking silently to the
boat-man of Hades

I do not dare to confront them
Or ask them of the conspiracy at play

Methinks! I will die now to find out about the secret of free-soul and
flesh stagnant

If I am to reverse the letters the word of the pain it becomes niap
And what does it convey
As if meaning has meaning
And nothing has name

O please do let Nature run on its own phase

Who are you to challenge and question the absence, the existence of
the Celestial Playmate

A mere structure in bones, blood, and flesh

Not immuned to death disease despair distaste

Do not dare to cross the boundary of thy limited intelligence

A mass of mud and clay

Be off my tail

Tell the teller not to tally to the tale

The weak tail-less sperm never make it to the egg

Like a shipwrecked sailor he drowns in the watery depthless

Pain pain pain go away go away
You must not stay
Mustn’t must muster the master of the maze

The maize in the spider-web amaze the thin threads of the silver rain
as the soft ray of the rising sun penetrate the petticoat of the
penitent priestess

Go away
Go away

Let rain wet me
Let heat hate
I can wait
Wait wait wait
Till the sky drop down to demolish the planet
O I love you
Will you love me in retrospect

I was born before Jesus and Mahomet
And I’m still living to see sigh and witness the flaws the folly the
mockery of the manmade societal cells
The prisoners of the prisoners
The parishioners of the polluted palace
The peacock rides the pea-hen
The pea-hen gives both to chickens

It feels warm when you wet your bed
And then after a while it feels cold and the thighs and groins stink
with urine that you leaked under the blanket

The first time sex is so frustrating and double-face
She feels like a rough leather
And they both get scared at the torn hymen
However, after some months sex becomes like crack cocaine
The more you sex the more you sex
Like the acid, heroin, and meth

Pain pain pain
Why they all hate me and blame
Why they all call me a creature in a cage
While they’re all the killers of all naturalistic moving shapes

O why I’ve no more pain
Why I cannot feel touch smell

No sensations to sense
No scenes to shape reshape

Why I feel this way
Why my eyes are hanging in the space

O am I dead
Or am I approaching to the end of my play

Believe me I’m not doing any dope
Or pushing any needle

Yet I feel like this every night every day

I think I won’t write anymore today
I must get some sleep and think of my next step

Dream in dream
Speak in sleep

And ask pain why she doesn’t leave me alone to my self

I shall be back again
After I’ve had my sleep-dream-conversation with the daughters,
sisters, wives, mothers, mistresses of Pain

Sleep well

Do not let the pain pain you in thy passionate plane

Pain pain pain
Go away
Go away

I’ve waken up again to find you eating my brain

The questioned remained

And still the question remain

Pain I do not know of thy chassis make model

Plethora of pain suddenly make me aware of my own state of rude
awakening on the freaking fast paced lane of flesh

This culture of my culture is a real insane

Break all wall
Tear down the veil
Make a new life
A new faith

This cotton-candy-shit-ass-toilet-paper-torn-computer-encrypted-war-
worn-reading-writing-diseased-faith-fate-flushed-toilet-bowl sickening
societal shock makes me vomit in my own pissing-pot

Pain pain pain
Do you know who I’m

I’m you
You’re I’m

Pain pain pain

Nobody will understand the enigma of you and me, and she her him they

It’s only pain


Nothing else

Burn my books
Empty my ink-well

I refuse to be a guinea-pig
I refuse to be thy pleasure prick

If God made me
God will unmake me

I do not need myself
Neither do I need me

Pain pain pain
Pain in rain

Pain in pleasure
Pleasure in pain

Petals of roses withdraw, pull in the pole of half-god inside the
other half-god peel

Please do forgive me
Please do forget me

What I wrote
And what I meant to write or wrote I never meant to write or wrote

Yet I did



I’m not I
But I’m you am
So what I wrote
You wrote!

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