Oblique Sun

Oblique Sun
O thou oblique ray of the winter sun
Have you heard the bleating of the heard
The bleak cold winds blow through the empty naked trees of the witchy
wintry month
The pack of wolves are howling at the full moon as she is descending
below the line of cone pine and conifer
O my oblique sun
She’s not obligated to my love
Love is as ephemeral as my finishing wine cup
Some come to stay
Others just pretend to depart
While the passion of true love forever remaineth in the hurting hearts
Life’s a mystery
Death is divinely dark
Dawn and dusk breaks
And the winter sun just hung up above the snow-clad barn like a brown
orange golden crust of the baked bread that the kind farmer wife has
just spread upon the dinner table to cut into equal parts
O my oblique sun
Tristan and Isolde
Cleopatra and her paramours
The ancient water of the Nile flows through the veins of the dry desert
While the ripples of the mighty Ganges refract the ray of the monsoon
The piles of cremated funeral pyres forever burn upon the banks of
Mother Ganga
The saints and sadhus meditate in a trance smoking the holy smoke of
the poppy opium and ganja
Oblique sun, oblique sun, oblique sun
Here I come
To offer you my prayer
To offer you my love unconditional
Please do not discourage me
Please do not persuade me not to worship you in the temple of faith,
fate that always twist, turn
I’ve come from far far far away just to see you so sweetly burn
Singing the songs of the space and stars
Sparkling in the eyes of the siren-sun
O please do accept my prayer
I must leave you after I’ve spent some time with you my celestial
skylark to see the dripping of the drops of dew dripping off the soft
subtle surface of lily-lipped-lily, and lotus lovelorn standing still
below the moonlit-refracting-rill
O my oblique sun
Here I come
Make my soul calm
Make my mind stable and firm
Please do confirm my mortal burn, streaming down upon my flesh-fed-
barn thy all conquering immortal light-laden divine balm
O my oblique sun

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