Nobody misses you
Save yourself
Earth is a strange place where humans kill humans

Nobody misses you save yourself
Let the sun rise
Let the sun set
Let the full bloom moon shed her magical spell

Life is a mystery
So is death

Today you’re here
Tomorrow you’re dead
All the material possession, wealth, love, hate ceases with you as you
draw the curtain of your play

Nobody cares for you save yourself
Life is a mystery
So is death
We have made God and religion
We have given them and us labels and names
Tears on her eyes trickle as the beast pierces her hymen to have her

The gypsy girl rolls her fingers upon the crystal-ball’s cold surface
to foretell the future of the kings queens and frogs of which she has
no part to play

The pollution of the gas and chemicals bring about acid rain

The green-house effects cause the ocean beds to rise
Flooding and overflooding the coasts and shorelines

Nobody misses you save yourself
Treasure every moment of the short-lived-precious life before it
disappears in the maze

There’s a death after every death
The life that you led will never come back

Be the epitome of love, gentleness, and shine unto the streets that
stretch to disappear into the oblivious liquefying light
Like the conch shells upon the sandy stretch reflecting the romantic

Nobody cares for you save yourself
This house of flesh must fall one day
And its soul, the cell occupant, must fly away
To where
It’s a secret

Rain drop tip tap, tip tip tat tap
The mist upon the lips of marigold keep glowing under the serene star

A flock of fireflies is flickering in the flimsy flame emanating out
of their organic fate

A pair of dew rest themselves at the tip of a leaflet of a half-hidden-
growing rice-net

The unctuous uproar of the inner self
The worshipper head herself to the temple head
Where she comes face to face with the stone-cut face of the stony
She asks of her if her fate will ever change
But the goddess of stone still still remaineth
She waits there long to melt the hearts of the stone gods that stood
like Sphinx unmoved
Yet her request stayeth unanswered
She heads home broken hearts
Never to go back to the shrine of the priests who abused her all
through her childhood-part

Nobody cares for you save yourself
Be patience
Be honest
He will listen to your prayer even when you think you have been
forsaken, forgotten

After every shower the Mother Earth seems so young and fresh
As if the breath of God have come to save our sin-fed-hearth

The distant ship is lost in the horizon
Storm approaches
The seas boil beneath the wooden hull
Will it make to the harbor
Or will it sink beneath the watery graveyard
Nobody knows
Nobody cares
Only the memory remains to embark and disembark

The bark of the mahogany tree get pecked by the hungry woodpecker
The Doppler effect affect the evaporating liquid-culture

Petri dish
Tissue culture
Neurons fire
Brain to brain gives birth

Love pagoda is swinging by the side of the sluttish sun

The moon is menstruating in the monsoon month

The yellow golden ears of the rice and corn invite the season of the
harvest songs

The fragrant air of the roses rises up to kiss the kilt of the
zenithal fern

Nobody misses you save yourself

The silver spur of the sapphire spark toward the far away sparkling fun

Her timorous lips
Her nipples tense teased
Flesh in flesh
Heat in heat
Liquid-love-lava baptize us bliss
Mixing our fluid-love with the scriptures of belief

Nobody looks for you
Nobody needs

Destiny pre-destined

Flesh feast as the faith finish

Fabrications of the pre-fabricated feel

Feelings fail as the senses thrill

Pupil dilates as the darkness kicks in

Nobody cares for you save yourself
Think before you think
Write a religion before accepting Him

Learn to forget
Forget to feel

Seek the light of knowledge inside the inn of darkness

Sow your seeds between the furrowed fields of the ripe chaste virgin

The rushing of the cascading stream from the top of the mountainous mist

Seven Oceans
Seven Seas

Seven Sky
Seven sin

Miracle of the miracles

Parallel Universe
Quantum leap
Equation of all equations
Equilibrium weep
Atomic atrocity
Molecular myth

Civilizations flourish
Civilizations sink

The tipping point of the tip
Sip deep the dew of the nymph
Fairy fallen with broken wings

Lucifer laugh
God grieve

Eve and Adam
Adam and Eve
Hell and Heaven
Who’s He, Him

She, Her
Her, Him

Paradoxical paradigm

One to one twenty
Count back
Count forth
Meaning has no meaning
Meaning no has meaning

After all
It’s only you and me
All after
Me and you only it’s!

Nobody cares for you save yourself
The tail of the dog wag in the hail
Hey you
What’s your name
What’s your religion
What’s your game

Are you born yet
Are you in pain
Are you lost
Are you late

Are you about to jump in the lake
Trying in vain all day all night to fly in the flame

Knowing not the reason of your sadness or shame
Standing on one leg
Shaking the man in your cupped hand
Telling lies
Telling tale
Raping women
Killing children
Chilling in jail

Are you born yet
Have they given you a name
Labeled with color, class, faith
Put in your head the knowledge, the nonsense

Taught you how to sing
How to paint
How to feign
How to faint
How to kick the ball in between your legs

How to kiss royal ass
Her royal highness duchess of Cambridge is topless
Bathing nude in the French plain
How will you take care of your children of the Commonwealth while you
stay naked and shameless

Be afraid of God
Be aware of the invisible spirits around your nude butt and breasts

Put some damned clothes on your damned flesh

Nobody cares for you save yourself
The chrysalis in the cocoon changes the formation of life in darkness

The sky is overcast with the dark ominous clouds crowding over the
cities and towns computer-crypted-cement-created dust sans dust

Nobody misses you save yourself
Earth is a strange place
Where humans kill humans

Some make it to the movie
Some make it to the graves

None is safe anymore

The mass-murderer shoots at anything that move
And then the Court pronounces him insane and he’s free to go

Next morning he wakes up and start shooting inside churches, schools

Who’s there to stop him
All lay dead and deceased

Nobody needs you save yourself

The spinning top is spinning off the axis of the orbiting planetary trip
The gravity of the gravitation pull in my youthful skin
Time is relative
So is life, death, mass, space, energy
Simplicity is the secret to everything
Nature abhors vacuum
Why would God made His Universe that He couldn’t remember His code
The secret of secrets lie in the thread of simplicity

Nobody misses you save yourself
The sailing ship ship along the watery pathway of no name

The nameless nemesis known as death wait for none to reap or rest

When your part of the Play is played you must depart from this Stage
of faith and fate

Nobody cares for you save yourself

A deranged retard and a felon made a film about Muslim religion
Desecrating Islam and its Prophet without knowing a bit about any of
Consequently the mass rises
Burning flags
Killing the innocent
The maker of the film should be judged and made to take responsibility
for his own foolish childish acts before it is too late to control the
violent outbursts of emotions in every Continent
He has blood on his hands and he lied and tricked the whole movie-cast
in filming the trashy movie-fact

Why are we so inconsiderate
Why we are so insensitive to others thoughts and sentiments

Aren’t we all humans
Floating in the same planet

The same sky that we share
The same air and wind, fire, water that keep us alive and fresh

Why are we then so thoughtless
Doing things that hurt the feelings of the people and faiths

O when shall we stop blaming each other
When we shall stop raping and polluting the only blue beautiful planet
in the Solar System

And when we shall cone to our senses and see the light of knowledge
and kindness and tolerance bestrewn on our path

Why can’t we live peacefully side by side
Respecting each other’s codes of life
Holding our hands in benevolence and reverence

Be happy
Be content

Let our children grow up forgetting the barriers of all constraints
and sickles

Let not our petty differences detract us from our simple honest ways

Let us all mix and mingle
Sing the same song of love, peace, innocence

Let our birds chirp in trees happy worry free

Let the blessed breeze of the summer and spring make our fruits,
crops, and vegetables grow ripe and rich

Let the bees make honey

Let the groups of lily and lotus dance and smile in delightful dream
staying enchantingly in the middle of the moonlit romantic stream

Let the rain-clad-clouds bring us rain to soothe and moisten our dry

Let the sun shine
And moon rise
The eagles that glide so majestically against the blue streak-free
afternoon sky
The waves roll rise
Enchantress enchant with her eyes
Arched sky
Oceans wide
Harvest full of prayer
Piers full of beautiful wonderful ships, boats, floating pride

The mothers are singing soft sweet lullaby to put their sleepy babies
safely sleep by their watchful eyes

Elders giving advice
Drawing line between virtue and vice
Saints, sadhus, and sages are smoking away the nights
Putting the spirits of the poppy and weed inside the belly of the
smoking pipes

Nobody cares for you save yourself
Nobody misses you save yourself

Needless limericks of life lie await till the death-nemesis stops by
to collect his pay

The boatman row his boat
There’s no wind
There’s no wave
He remained where he began
As still as a piece of a thrown out steel upon the water of the Ganges
wise mighty beautiful

The painted pale moon is half-eaten by her side of the tool
The tuber-roses stood deaf and mute, spreading their sweet perfume

Nobody, nobody, nobody cares for you
Lonely you came
The same you went
A little beat
A little breath
A little know-how
A little net

Pint of a point
Tip of the tape
Loose shoe-lace
A lemon cut in the middle
Look for a needle in a haystack
Back hurts
Eyes hate

I in you melt and make
You in me mix and melt
Meek smile
Shy eyelash
Forbidden pleasure
Frostbitten face

Nobody knows you
Nobody needs to know you
Knowing is unknowing
Unknowing is knowing
Bliss is ignorance
Ignorance is knowing the knowing rest

Two in one
One in one
Shadow shed shadowy shades
Shake your milk-shake
Lick your cones before they start to melt
Make haste to mend thy odd queer ways
The road is long
Life is only a play

Nobody loves you as much as I do do you
You will know me better after I’ve gone forever
Floating on the oblivious wings of memory for better for worse
Minor burns need only water
Major ones require much care

The gypsy girl with nine cats cry under moon
She moves like an apparition half-asleep, half woke

She’s very tall and thin
Her fingers are thinner still

She moves around the tombstones humming a tone forlorn

O gypsy girl, gypsy girl move away from my tomb

Your look is scary
You move like a half-sunken-stone

As if in a dream unknown the gypsy girl read quietly the epitaphs on
the stones

The cats leave her two by two
Except the 9th one who witnesses the eerie show

The gypsy girl recites something as the stone moves
And lo! An apparition like her comes out out of the tomb

They hug each other
They hum the tone

The moon above do not move
The clouds stayed where they stood

The wind dropped
A pungent vapor rose

The last thing I heard was the screaming of the 9th cat that lay dead
beside my dead stone

Gypsy girl
Gypsy girl
What you do
What secret unfold you

Please wake me up from my deep dark lonely tomb

Make me belong to you
Casting thy magical spell upon my rusted tombstone

Nobody cares for you save yourself
Save thy last prayer to thy journey home
You might meet several passengers on your way to your final home
But none will accompany you to your trial by the womb

Therefore be ready always to confront your friend or foe
Keep your slate clean
Pay your unpaid due
Come tomorrow you may not be around to see the fall of rain through
the veil of view

Nobody likes you
Nobody loves you
Save you

Human species partake to a very strange show
Killing and starving each other for the sake of something that they
know nothing of
The purple beak pelican with one foot in the ford filter the muddy
shallow water in search of food
In the aura of twilight the flights of fireflies flicker in fright
The still settled air gently settle on the feathers of the robin-pride

Nobody loves you like I
Am no stranger to thy eye
I still remember the way you moaned and cried as I made love you all
through the nightingale-neighing-night

O my lovers gentle and kind
Come to me
Come to me
On board the wings of the motley colored butterfly
We shall delay the day
We shall torch the night
Making love wild and gentle with love scriptures hiding in our hide
Flesh to flesh feast and fly
It’s only you and I
Nothing else matter
Nothing else wrong or right
Hell and Heaven
God and Satan
Us in reside
Let us burn sun
Let us moon nun
Let me let you taste me while I eat and drink you sublime
Love baptism is in progress
Canonization of one kind
Our love-liquid let us make a religion and light
As the warm wetness erupt out of our orgasmic convulsing thighs
Nobody loves you as I

Nobody misses you
Save yourself
Earth is a strange place where humans kill humans

Nobody misses you save yourself
Let the sun rise
Let the sun set
Let the full bloom moon shed her magical spell

Life is a mystery
So is death

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