No more walks in the woods

Amongst the crowd of luscious trees,
Where we had once made love,
When words were carried through the breeze
And the leaves were our stars above.

When flowers were the fragrance,
When fallen leaves were the street,
When the cherry blossom pillars
Were our shade from the heat.

Where are those days, where have they gone?
Were they as real as it seems?
A simple haze of a memory,
Or simply the dream of a dream?

Long afternoons in the clover fields,
Long walks on moonlit nights,
Why has our field of play,
Vanished out of sight?

Hot sommer days and playful nights
Have gone from you and me,
All trees are now gone for good,
And all we can do is see…

And now all we have left are memories,
Of when once the trees had stood,
We are left with only blissful thoughts, but
No more walks in the wood.

By Nawazish Chowdhury

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