Ben Roberts, president of the World Science Congress, had just called. He congratulated Dr Rizvi Khan of Bangladesh on his success. A video conference has been scheduled for this evening. All the TV channels in home and abroad have prepared to telecast this program live. Some Nobel laureates have also congratulated Dr Rizvi by emails. He wanted to reply to those emails as soon as he could. His personal assistant had already made the drafts. Another assistant was attending the phone and was having a hard time taking all the messages.

After receiving the appreciations gracefully, Rizvi walked into his lab. He wanted to spend some time with Mumu. Everyone was crazy about her; it was Mumu who was the centre of all the commotion. She was present at the news conference in the morning. She had met journalists from different countries. Everyone just loved her. They were all awestruck by her behavior. It was her appearance that attracted them the most. She had a beautiful face. Seemed like an artwork of a painter. A heavenly smile always lingered on her lips.

Mumu was resting in her room which was at one corner of the lab. Rizvi came and sat in front of her. He kept gazing at his own creation. Mumu was a bit alarmed. She asked him,

“What are you looking at?”


“What is there to see me?”

“You are very beautiful!”

Mumu blushed while she said,

“It’s your eyes! You have beautiful eyes to see things.”

“It seems as though you are made up of imagination.”

“People love to appreciate their own creation, don’t they?”

“Why do you say that?”

“It’s because you created me. Whatever I am is it’s because of you.”

“Listen, you must forget that I created you, think of yourself as a biogenetic.”

“There are some things one cannot forget. It would almost be like lying if one did.”

Rizvi was stunned to hear Mumu talk like that. She was talking as though her faculties were functioning on their own.

Scientists in different countries had been competing to make robots for years. They were trying to make robots so that they could be used to do work. They would help in household works and in battlefields. Rizvi Khan from Bangladesh was the first to come up with the idea of making a human-like robot. He wanted such a robot that would have both brains and beauty of a woman. A woman men dreamt of, one who would satisfy both the physical and mental needs of a man. Scientist Rizvi had consciously materialized his dream.

Rizvi had paid much attention in constructing the skin and the sense organs. When someone hugged Mumu it was impossible for them to differentiate her from any real woman. It was found in a survey that if people knew that Mumu was a robot then they were very conscious. On the contrary if they didn’t know anything about her background then they treated her like a normal human being.

Rizvi first wanted to invent a loving female human form. It’s better to use the word make rather than invent. Rizvi’s plan was to make a companion for the lonely men. He knew that would be a revolution in science if he could really do that. What he really wanted to do was to make a real human. It took him quite a few years of toil to materialize his dream. All inquisitive eyes were awaiting his endeavor, after he published a research paper on his primary success. All the sectors concerned were optimistic about his research.

The second stage in his research was that Rizvi wanted to develop the robot as an artificial sex partner. Even though he used the word ‘artificial’ he wanted to make her as close to natural as he could. So he programmed her with all the information about sex. That would make her act like a woman while having intercourse. It wouldn’t occur to the man that it was a robot he was making love to.

Dr Rizvi anticipated he would be praised when he finished his work. But in reality there was a mixed reaction among the scientists. There was a clear division among the people; for and against. The logic for the creation was that Dr Rizvi had saved the humanity from moral degradation. This would definitely reduce sexual harassment and rape. But then the cost of the sexual partners like Mumu had to be reduced. The middle class would have to be able to get Mumu’s company. Even though it is a revolutionary act, the people against it said that it had hit hard on the root of civilization. It was enough to ruin the age old respect on the man-woman relationship. People would get used to satiating their sexual desire with the help of a machine. No one would appreciate the normal, god-given blessings of love making anymore. This would in fact lead the human civilization towards its ruin. It was the second worst scientific invention after Alfred Nobel that would destroy the human race. Was science really taking us forward or backwards? This was a question to be addressed. No one in their right frame of mind would support an invention that would be destructive for the human race. Dr Rizvi should destroy Mumu, his new invention.

There was a message for him from Naureen. She was waiting for him at home. No matter how busy he was, he always spent an hour in the afternoon with his wife. This was a very old habit of his. Naureen complained on the dining table,

“You didn’t tell me about your invention.”

“What do you mean? I don’t understand!”

“You are planning to use Mumu as your sex partner, this is your sexual perversion. How can you let a woman be used like that?”

There was anger in her voice.

“Mumu is not a woman!”

“This is something very immoral, even though Mumu is a robot, she is a woman. I wouldn’t mind if you used her as a machine. But what you are doing is absolutely illegal. You are making her work like a sex worker.  This would increase sexual abuse in the country.”

“How can you say it’s illegal? You can’t call anything illegal without any proof.”


“Your logic is really strange! Do you have to go to legal procedures in order to prove legality?”

“Isn’t there anything called human conscience?”

“That is exactly what I am talking about!”

“You are making sure that people are headed towards mechanical sex?”

“You don’t understand!”

“Well then make me understand!”

“Suppose a wife is ill physically while the husband is perfectly physically fit. What’s the problem if he satiates his sexual desire with the robot?”

“Wow! I am amazed at your logic! You should have been an advocate by profession. You could easily transform night into day and day into night.”

Rizvi remained quiet.

“When a husband has sex with another woman, he undermines his own wife’s dignity. Don’t you understand that?”

“Where does the wife come in the scene?”

“Are you completely losing it or what? Now, if you became ill and I had sex with a male robot how would you react?”

“I would be cool about it. He wouldn’t be a man now, would he?”

“So what if he is a real human?” Naureen was furious by now.

Rizvi left the matters at that. It’s true that he had informed Naureen that he was trying to invent a female robot. He wanted the robot to have feelings as close to humans as possible. She would experience pain, love and sorrow like any human. Naureen didn’t mind her husband’s endeavor in making such a robot. She had to manage all the household work on her own. It would be good if she got a helping hand. There would be a revolution all around the world. People would love to have robots to help them with household works. Rizvi would have his name on the list of the richest people in the world. But Naureen was shocked to see her husband’s interview on television where he mentioned Mumu working as a sex partner. Her heart was broken into pieces hearing the news. She didn’t know how to handle her husband regarding this.

As he walked into the lab Mumu asked,

“Where did you go? I have been sitting all by myself for so long.”

“What’s wrong with being on your own?”

“How can humans stay all by themselves?”

“But you are not a human.”

“Tell me what you really want? Earlier you said that I should have all the qualities of a human. But now you are saying that I am not a human being!” Mumu complained.

“I was just joking.”

“That is a crude joke!”

“Sorry, I won’t do it again!”


Rizvi sat next to her. “You could play video game or read the newspaper to spend time. You could even watch television.”

“Good that you reminded me! Tell me why is there such a commotion on television? It is about me isn’t it?”


“Well in a way it’s your birthday. Or you could call it your day of emergence. You are the first in the world!”

“First what?”

“First mechanical human.”

“But you said that I was a robot!”

“Your predecessors were robots! Your only difference with human being is that they are subjects and you are an object. ”

“But I am not automatic!”

Rizvi put his hand on Mumu’s hand. It was soft and inviting. Mumu stared at him with desire in her eyes. Her look would attract any man and touch him to the core. Rizvi was a bit embarrassed by her look. He wondered if she still stared at him. He didn’t have the courage to find out.

Mumu asked,

“Do you want to make love to me now?”

Rizvi wanted to say yes but stopped.

“What does it mean? Love making?”

“Physical exercise?”

“No it’s not just that? It’s much more than that.”

“You don’t have to tell me that sir! But it seems you pay more attention to the physical exchange! Men love to have women as their partners in bed. Not anything more than that. It’s not only you but all men.”

“What do you mean all men? How many men do you know? You haven’t met anyone yet.”

“That may be! I met a lot of journalists and quite understood this fact by the questions I was asked. Everybody was interested about my sex life. No one seemed to care that I have other qualities; they didn’t bother about the fact that I have all the other human qualities. One of them winked at me while going.”

“What did you do?”

“I did the same!”

“He may have wanted to find out about your sexual desires.”

“May be or may be not!”

“What do you mean?”

“This gentleman who was a journalist was projecting his desires.”

“You still address him as a gentleman?”

“Why shouldn’t I? All journalists are gentlemen. And just because he is a journalist you can’t expect him to be devoid of any physical desire.”

“What was your reaction to that?”

“I enjoyed it.”

Rizvi moved close to Mumu. He took her in her arms. At once he was welcomed by the warmth of Mumu’s body. He was attracted by her virgin body. He started kissing her. Mumu pushed him away and asked,

“How come you are so excited?”

“Why did the journalist wink at you?”

“How do I know why he winked at me? Why do men do it? I have had no experience regarding that. Why are you jealous?”

Mumu sounded a bit mysterious.


“I am not jealous of him winking at you but am jealous of you winking at him.”

“But shouldn’t I greet someone back? Why are you such a jealous guy?”

“You are a bad girl!”

“Don’t you dare call me bad!” Mumu was getting angry.


Rizvi got cautious. ‘Bad’ could mean anything. Mumu may start saying that she wouldn’t mix with anyone, talk with anyone and all that. Rizvi would really be in trouble then. He had a plan while making her. That was to make use of her commercially. Mumu is not aware of the fact that she would not be alone. There would be lots of them all over the world. It would be a new kind of revolution with machine and human working together. Rizvi is not really worried about its result at the moment. His motto is to take things as they happened.

“Do you want to have sex now?” Mumu asked.

“I didn’t expect such question. I thought we would walk towards the bed gradually.”

“How can we go the bed gradually? May be I shouldn’t have asked the question.”

“You know one should never declare that he loves someone. Similarly when you make love to someone it just should happen automatically.”

“My god! I am not familiar with so many rules and regulations. But what I do know is that you are not interested in making love right now!”

Rizvi kept quiet. He kissed her again. He undressed her. His lips moved to her breasts. It was as if they were both on fire. When Rizvi undressed her completely and touched her very intimately, all Mumu could just manage to utter in a faint voice is,

“Please take me to bed. Someone might see us here.”


When he returned home, Naureen was waiting for him. She tried to read his expression. She asked,

“Did you sleep with that woman?”

“What woman?”

“The woman you invented! Your lover Mumu!”

“Mumu is my invention but not my lover!”

“Okay! She is not your lover. But did you have sex with her or not?”

“Are you Crazy?” He gesticulated in such a way that Naureen thought that she was wrong in thinking that Rizvi might have some physical relationship with Mumu. Rizvi on the other hand thought that the word ‘crazy’ could have ambiguous meaning. It doesn’t have any meaning according to him. He was pleased with himself, too. He loved Bangla, no wonder so many people died for it.


But it was quite clear at night that Naureen may still have her doubts with Mumu. She questioned him

“Are you absolutely sure that you haven’t done anything with her?”

“I told you!”

“Then how do you know that the girl is so sexy and that she would be able to satisfy any man.?”

“What do you mean?”

“How do you know that she would be a sex goddess? And that she would satisfy men?”

“I have loaded all the information about sex in her memory.”

“What if she wanted to have sex with you?”

“So what if she wanted that?”

“You didn’t have to make her so pretty!”

“That’s like a virtual reality!”

“What’s that?”

“It means that her face is there again it’s not there!”

“Anyway I am really scared!”

“Why? Why are you scared?”

“What if she ruins my family?”

“Are you crazy or what?”

“Why are you using the phrase “are you crazy” all the time?

“Just like that!”


It was a long day for Rizvi! He had to attend the press conference in the morning. He had a meeting with the chairman of World Science Congress. Then his special session with Mumu. Now his body just wanted to yield to sleep. But that wasn’t easy to come by. Naureen was waiting for, she wanted him physically. She wanted to find out if he had sex with Mumu. He was definite that if he didn’t give the test then he would be in trouble. But he was worried that he might be in trouble if he gave in also. But he was lucky. Naureen was happy with the results. She was tried but relieved that everything was just the way they should be.

Rizvi had to run to the lab next morning. Mumu was reluctant to leave him the previous night. She wanted him to spend the night with her. She tried to allure him with her looks. But Rizvi knew he had to return home. He told Mumu about his family, about Naureen. Mumu was upset hearing all that. Rizvi asked her to go to sleep. He gave her the tips about how to fall asleep. He told her that humans needed to sleep and that Mumu should also try to sleep. Mumu was angry when she finally told him

“Please go! You want to go home, what is there for me to say.”


There was a small apartment for Mumu next to the lab. It was neatly decorated. She was sitting there in melancholy. Didn’t she sleep at all last night? Rizvi thought to himself.

“Good morning! I have a good news for you!”

“What is it?” Mumu’s voice was dry.

“The Chairman of World Science Congress Roberts Ben has invited us. We are going to America.”

“Who is us?”

“You and me. It could be a very important trip for the two of us.”


“You have not yet been introduced to the outside world. What you saw on television is not all. The world is much more beautiful.”

“I think so, too.”

“It’s a good feeling to travel around the world, to see new places. We could go by road or rail or by air. You will love to see the new cities.”


“Both the sea and hills would amaze you. You would simply love it.


“Both the animals and plants have their own world. They are both friends forever.”



“May be! But why am I being informed about it?”

“I am telling you once you go outside you will have immense amount of experience. You will see how beautiful the world is. And the people are much more beautiful.”


“You don’t seem to like the idea!”

“Says who?”

“You were not like this yesterday. Are you sure you are okay? Physically I mean.”

“I am really upset!”

“What can I do to make you feel better? I will do whatever is necessary to make you feel better.”

“Really?” Mumu came to where Rizvi was sitting. She took his hands in hers. She said,

“Please make an automatic male human. He would have all the human qualities. He would be exactly like me. Just my male counterpart.”

Original Writer Name:
By Mahbub Talukder

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