Monsoonletters at #WOWDHK Rangpur


‘তোমরা যদি মনে করো-
প্রজননযন্ত্র বলে আমি জননী,
রমনযোগ্য বলে আমি রমনী,
মহলে থাকি বলে মহিলা,
গৃহে আসবাবের মতো বলে গৃহিনী,
তবে ভুল ভাবছো-
আমি একবিংশ শতাব্দীর নারী।’

Monsoonletters performed the poetry piece “নৃমুন্ডমালিনী” at #WOWDHK Rangpur jointly organized by British Council, Southbank Centre and CCD Bangladesh at Begum Rokeya University on 4th October, 2018. The performance was the result of a poetry workshop, organized by Monsoonletters, and was participated in by poets from Rangpur, who molded their experiences into verse form.

Women of the World is a festival aimed at promoting and upholding the achievements of women and girls around the world. The festival was founded by Jude Kelly in 2010 and organizes seminars, talks and performances incorporating arts and culture to spread awareness about women’s rights and the path towards a better, more equal world.

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