Lunch Is Beautiful

By Istiaque
Chapter 1: The Diligent Postman

It was a bright and sunny morning, and the bag I was carrying was not that heavy. In the morning, when I was going through the day’s load, I was quite amazed to find a letter that was actually sent to me. It was uncle Francis, using his trademark blue envelope with a two shilling cat stamp. I always wondered why he preferred blue for sending mails. I could take the mail inside my pocket, and forget the duty, but I decided to drop by my home! I loved the dazzled look in my wife Catherine’s face, when I handed over the letter to her. Without explaining anything, I left home. The explanations can wait, but the duties cannot.
Some free-happy-jolly guy was playing an enchanting tune using a mouth organ. While listening to the tune, I didn’t notice that I was actually walking on the road. I came back to senses when I heard the shrieking of a couple of angry horses, and also some gentle curses from the coachman. I peeked inside to see the lovely face of an embarrassed young lady. She had an apologetic look in her face. Perhaps she wasn’t that busy as to let the coachman intimidate unmindful pedestrians.

She probably has a date, I thought. She was all dressed up, and the posh restaurants were not too far away. Soon I reached Mr. William’s home. I liked this person. He’s young and he gave me a 10 franc note when I delivered that special mail. I don’t know what was written in that mail, but as soon as he tore down the envelope and read through a couple of lines, his face got lightened up like a dozen of 100 Watt bulbs. He reached out for his moneybag, and handed me the note without even looking at it. Well, receiving tips is not something which I can do everyday. Most people don’t even bother considering a tip. To them, no news is good news. I was quite surprised, and since then, I’ve been praying everyday so that he gets another letter from that special person. Alas! That day never came.
Chapter 2: The Bar
Bartender: “Trust me, cleaning liquor glasses can be as much fun as pouring wine and drinking them.”
James (whispering): “Yeah, yeah! The phrase grapes are sour was invented just for describing yourself!”
Customer 1: “James! (Loud) Come over here…I ordered my bottle of champagne at least 15 minutes ago”
Bartender: “Sorry Sir, it won’t happen again”
Customer 1: “It better not happen! You’re not the only one with the best champagne, are you?”

James lost his father when he was eight years old. His elderly mother already gave birth to 3 boys and 2 girls. The girls died very young, one son went to the army, and the other just got lost one day. She was left with James, apparently the sole non-bright member of the family. She didn’t have enough money to send James to a school, and she wasn’t that interested either. So James ended up in Julio’s Bar as an errand boy. 10 years have passed, and James got promoted as the head waiter. Julio, the bartender and owner was more than pleased on this cheerful lad, and he also trusted him a lot. Julio didn’t have a family. To him, the bar and its staffs were the family, and he relied a lot on them. He always used to say “Customer is the boss”. Agree to whatever he says, but make sure he leaves happily and returns again the next day. Julio was facing a lot of competition from some of the newer, somewhat modernized bars and restaurants. The concept of bars was quickly fading away, with more restaurants serving meals as well as drinks. Julio did have some snack items, but he didn’t focus on those items much. Change is needed, he thought.

As Julio finished talking with the aggravated customer, he saw De Metz enter the bar. John De Metz was a general to Joan of Frank, but our De Metz was just a general to the Post De Franc, as in French postal service. As he handed over a one franc note to him, he came to know that the shipment of exclusive grape wine from versaille will be delayed by 2 weeks.

Damn! I’ll lose at least ten customers who never drink anything other than grape wine!

Meanwhile, James was talking with De Metz.

“Hey mailer boy, where you’ll be off to now?”

“I don’t know, I just have a few mails to deliver, and it’s only 11 AM. Looks like it’ll be a boring day for me”.

“Got any mails from my fiance?

“Sorry, no.”

“Can you please check again?” Your bag looks quite heavy, there must be one mail from her, hidden somewhere within”.

Metz started ransacking the bag. He found a thicker than usual mail. After a closer examination, it was revealed that it was actually two mails stuck together. Seeing this, James got excited. Metz couldn’t hide his happiness, but the reason for this happiness had nothing to do with James. He actually discovered a mail for Mr. Williams, which meant 10 francs assured.

Chapter 3: Comète

They say his ancestors served for the chariot warriors of the great Roman emperor, Julius Caesar. Now, here in year 1899, it sounds quite unbelievable to find a descendant to someone who lived in between 100-44 BC, be it a horse or mare. But few people doubted the royalty that surrounded Comète, the dark colored moody horse. When Comète first came to this part of the city, he was a stray, wild horse. Many tried to domesticate him, but he’d just kick them away. But Pedro was different.

While others tried a carrot and stick policy, he broke the stick and offered him something better than mere carrots. The common people watched in amazement as together Pedro and Comète become best buddies.

That was a long time ago, thought Pedro. We had a lot of fun together, didn’t we? Said Pedro as he rubbed Comet’s back. He never had to use the lashes on Comet, but the other member of the 2 horse stagecoach often needed lashing. For some reason, Comet never had a steady partner. On most occasions, the other horse would never be able to keep up pace with Comet, and hence Pedro to fire the poor animal. Firing a horse is not as simple as firing an employee from your office.

It hurts a lot to let go of a horse, it hurts a lot. I wonder how it will feel like, if I ever need to get rid of Comet.

Soon Pedro’s thoughts shifted towards the road and the destination. Today he has a very special passenger. A beautiful young lady; perhaps the most beautiful young lady of all is on board today. He already caused some disturbance when Comet and Stormy was about to stampede the local postman. That guy never looks where he’s going—that absentminded fool!

Julio’s Bar was still 3 or 4 blocks away. As he was passing by an old fashioned, shabby looking house, he noticed a youth yawning; stretching his hands sideways. This crazy guy never leaves home! All day, he’s sitting and scribbling on his big note book. God knows what fortune his father left him that force a youth to account for; throughout the day.

Chapter 4: Unspoken Words

Why the horses are so fast? This is why I never like riding Pedro’s coach. His horses are always too fast and the journey is over too soon! I hate being locked inside the confines of the castle.

Lorna was the daughter of a nobleman, and lived in one of the few castles that were still standing intact, even after the great French Revolution and all the blood shedding.

Why doesn’t he look out? Why can’t he just look outside of the window, just for once? If he’d ever look out, he would see through me. Maybe through my heart, as well. Sighed Lorna. She knew it was never meant to be. The crazy youth will always be engrossed in writing, and will never look outside.

And I will never send the letters that I always write, seal inside an envelope, only to burn them in the fireplace and see them turn in to ashes.


The wind is too strong today!


The feather pen, along with the ink pot dropped, and instantly the floor below became a black pond. William realized that an absence of a quick response will create a river of ink. The curtain is still white, fortunately. William grabbed the inkpot and saved the remaining ink from getting wasted.

Not much work. The best thing about this mess is that it didn’t destroy my writing, and now the floor gets a long deserving mop session.

Cleaning is not an enjoyable process, but the outcome is always nice, thought Will. It’s amazing how all the black spots are getting away. Where are they going? Err…actually they are making the mop black.

Disgusted and tired, Will sat down on the bed. What am I going to do with this mess? Let the mess be where it is, I’ll resume writing instead.

He adjusted the curtains and resumed writing. I have a fan now! A real fan! A fan that sends me letters encouraging my writings. I will keep on writing, no matter what. An ink accident will not stop me.

William looked up once again as the curtain hit his nose. In a split second, he watched the rear end of a stage coach. That must be Pedro. Who else has a coach as fast as that? The passenger must be in some hurry. Otherwise, few would like to ache their backs riding Pedro’s fast moving coach.


Lorna never liked visiting these people. They behaved in the same manner, said the same words, and she’d read them like open books throughout the session. Some chit chat, mostly small talk regarding the weather and favorite flowers and their fragrance, a dance invitation (which she turned down most of the time), a bottle of champagne, and finally, We should do this again.

She smiled as she was thinking. Most of the suitors understood the meaning of this phrase. This means “You bored me a lot, and I wish we never cross paths again”.

Am I that old? Do I annoy dad a lot? Why did he suddenly get crazy about marrying me off? These are some questions that she always thought about.


James was watching sympathetically as Metz kept on searching for an imaginary mail from his fiancé. He couldn’t wait to go to Mr. William, but he didn’t want to rush Metz. It’s been a while since the last mail came in. He must be missing her a lot, thought James.

Soon James was on his way towards Mr. William’s home. I hope he is at home. He knew that William seldom left his home, but he also knew that when he is out, he is out for quite some time.

James was fortunate. Mr. William was still pondering over the ink mess, and he had no intention of going anywhere out.

Chapter 5: The Confusion

What’s that funny smell? Thought James as he left the porch behind. He managed to sway pass the curtains within seconds. This guy is fond of locks of free falling hair, he must be! Everyone in here ties their curtains, but he doesn’t. How eccentric!

“Mr. William, Sir. I have a mail for you”

William didn’t seem to pay attention to the postman’s call. He was too busy with his writing—his passion. I hear a voice, but it will not interrupt my flow of thoughts.

“Mr William, I got a letter from Ms “.

Before he could finish the sentence, William’s excited voice stopped him.

“What! You got a letter from her, and you have the nerve to not tell me before?”

Almost jumping up in happiness, William dashed towards James. Skillfully avoiding the ink puddle, Will took the pink envelope from the mailman’s hand. Now comes the best part, thought James. But the moment did not come as soon as it used to come. Will tore off the envelope and brought out the letter. A sweet fragrance filled the room. He started reading.

There was something in the letter that did something to Will. The smile was disappearing rapidly; getting replaced by a vibrant posture of anxiety, which eventually turned in to excitement. Holding the letter tightly, William reached out for the window. He was giving a confused gaze towards the sky.

Waiting a while, James silently left the room.


Outside, the weather was going through an abrupt change. Suddenly, the sun was gone, and the clouds started glorifying their darkened presence. James was wondering where to go next. He only had a few mails to deliver. One for the pharmacist, one for the sergeant, and that’s it. But from the looks of the sky, he was not quite sure whether he’d take the risk of going to the other end of the city to reach the military camp.

Earlier that year, Napoleon declared himself as the empreror, surprising everyone; including the church. Till the last year, Churches were the supreme authority of the country. According to the christian padrey’s, they were God’s appointed rulers of the land. However, the brave and talented general changed the concept, and to be honest, he wasn’t doing bad at all.

The proudly hoisted flag post of the army brought a sense of security and pride to all. The common people never liked the concept of bishops and fathers being kings. What’s the point of having a king if he cannot carry a broad sword?

Ignoring the dark clouds, James started walking towards the army encampment.


Meanwhile, William was still thinking about the letter he just received. He had a mixed emotion, an emotion split between happiness and confusion. She wants to meet me. But again, he thought Do I really deserve this attention?

The rendezvous location was one of the finest of Paris. Those were the places that have been threatening the existence of small time bars.

I like the small time bars, they are cozier.

William closed the windows; the rain was too heavy.

William felt the strong urge of having a peg of cognac. I should have Cognac at Cognac someday! The train ride to Cognac wouldn’t take more than 3 hours. He once read in a book that The Ugni Blanc, called St. Emilion here, and well known in Italy as Trebbiano is distilled to make the local brandy, Cognac. Ugni Blanc is nothing other than white grapes; which are not really white, but has a crystal clear clarity.

As he heard his stomach growling, he thought Nothing can be a better meal than a slice of Camembert, a lettuce, a loaf of bread and a glass of good French wine! Thinking this, William suddenly realized that already 30 minutes have passed since his regular lunch time.

Damn, these patches of ink will stay forever, if I don’t get rid of them right here right now.
As William resumed cleaning the floor, the rain kept pouring down. The outside world seemed like an abstract painting of some long deceased great artist. The sky has got a lot of crying to do today. Something really bad must have happened up above.

Is there a heaven, or a hell up there? Probably it’s heaven, as most of the time we see sunshine, not rain.

As the clock approached 2 PM, William increased his sweeping pace, with thoughts of a pleasant meeting in the not so distant future filling his mind.


Chapter 6: Lunch at Julio’s

When William entered Julio’s, the clock was on the verge of creating a right angle.

“Hey Willie, why so late today? I missed serving you today”, Said the ever jolly Julio.

“Don’t kid me, old man. You don’t need a punch line to have customers like me! As long as the food is good and the music is playing, I will come to you; no matter how you treat me”

Sigh, I wish business was as good as it were, thought Julio.

“Make yourself comfortable, Willie. James will head over to you in a short while.”

Julio was still thinking about the incident that happened earlier. Ms. Lorna deserted my place. She passed by, but didn’t stop to have her usual meetings and a bottle of wine. I am losing customers.

As if to add insult to injury, or salt to a bleeding wound, he heard William saying

“I think this place needs some change, Julio”

“Yeah, well, what type of change?”

“Maybe you can get some nice lights, better wines, a couple of barmaids—in a nutshell, more glamour and splendor!”

“Lad, this place’s got more splendor than your ancestors have seen together!”

“Maybe you’re right, but my ancestors can’t be your customers anymore. You need to attract new customers who expect modern splendor, not that worn out Julio style. And your food is out of fashion, too. People no longer eat cheese alone. They have things made out of cheese”

Julio wanted to say something harsh, but he restrained himself, realizing that William was actually saying the right things.

Meanwhile, William was savoring his favorite meal. The memories of the letter were distant now. He was only thinking about his new story about the lady who was a good swimmer.


Dear James,

I hope you and Catherine are doing well. I can’t wait to become a grandpa. I am sure your father would be really proud of you. I am also pleased with your life and your work. Being a postman may not bring you a lot of wealth, but I know that you are leading a happy and honest life, which is of course, the most cherished achievement for a youth living in Paris. At least that is how your old fashioned uncle sees it.

You may be aware of the fact that the recent change in politics has brought fortune to many of us old war veterans. I am now owner of one of the new, crazy Italian cars. The cutie can run at the force of four horses. It has a 679 cc engine, and it even uses the new metric system to measure its capability. It can go 35 kilometers per hour. If you are wondering, it’s the same as about 22 miles. Amazing isn’t it? I wonder whether Pedro’s horses can be half good. It makes me even proud to know that the car is one of the 25 Fiat 4HPs that have been manufactured in the factory on Corso Dante, by some 150 workers.

Speaking of Pedro, I must say, I really miss Paris. It was a wonderful trip I had last year. It kind of saved me from the loneliness I often feel. People here are cold. They are too busy with their own lives to give a lone widower some company. But Parisians are different people.

Is there some venture that I can adopt in Paris? As I said earlier, I have some extra fortune to spend now. Although the car cost me a lot, I still have enough to invest in a good venture. Please let me know soon. Even if you don’t have a good word to share, I think I’ll come over to your place sometime next month.

Give my regards to Catherine.


Uncle Francis
p.s. Adding a photograph of the prized possession.


Aha, Uncle Francis is such a nice person, thought De Metz. He was not actually a real uncle. He was a war hero, and a close friend of Metz’s father.

De Metz just came back from a long day at work, and was reading his uncles letter. Catherine didn’t read the letter first, she never did that. But Metz always felt an urge to share things with his life partner. I share everything, thought Metz.

“What can I say to Uncle? Do you know of any good business prospect?”

A smile escaped Catherine’s face. She knew that her husband was not actually expecting an answer from her. He was the question to himself. Surprisingly though, she spilled out

“You can ask Julio. He’s been doing business for quite some time.”

“Nah, he’s too busy saving his own business now. He isn’t good for new ideas”.

Right then, a reality revealed itself within Metz’s mind. Julio is not doing well in his business. He’s been really whining a lot lately, and he’s also behaving awkwardly with James and the other people.

I can ask Uncle to invest in the food business. Maybe he can open a new restaurant and earn some money. As a matter of fact, there was this new restaurant very near to Julio’s which is stealing a number of his customers. The owner has a Fiat, too, and the name of restaurant seems a bit influenced by the car.

He started replying back to the letter.

Chapter 7: Trouble for Julio

James was going through a reminiscent moment. Images of his dead family members ventured his mind. The images were vague, yet strong. I deserve a better life. My fate should not depend on a crazy old bartender who doesn’t want to accept the reality!

“May I come in, Mr. Julio, Sir?”

“Anytime Walter, anytime”

“I have bad news, sir.”

“What now?”

“We are losing a lot of money, sir. Your books are showing losses for the last 3 months”

The old fool lost all of his regular customers, too, thought James.

“Say, Walter, what could be the reason? I never treat my customers bad. They get Julio’s personalized service, and some of the best food and beverage in town.”

“Well, people are not being satisfied with the local wine and food anymore. The interest in imported liquor, fancy lights, traveling singers and barmaids is growing everyday. And I beg your pardon, sir; none of these delicacies exist in Julio’s.”

“Sigh, delicacies! That is what has poisoned our people! Why go for imports when yer local chaps are working their souls off for brewing the best grape wine?”

Neither James nor Walter said a word. They only exchanged meaningful looks. The situation is getting worse day by day, and everyone doubted the possibilities of Julio’s coping up with the new trends. He neither has the money nor the energy to turn around a dying, old fashioned bar.

By the time Julio was finished with his moment of realization, an angry thunderstorm erupted outside. It rained heavily for the rest of the day, and the day after, and also the day after were not left undamaged by the wrath of nature.

The rain washed away all the garbage, but for Julio, it was only the beginning of darkness, clouds and rainfall. For him, the storm just came, and


3 Months Later

There were now two Fiat’s in this part of the city, and De Metz was really proud for his uncle, as well as for himself. News of his uncles investment in the popular restaurant cum bar spread quickly, and lots of people headed over to the place just for the sake of getting a taste of the invested entity! Well, they were left more than satisfied, which made them returning customers. Everyone was quite sure that by the end of the year, Paris would be ruled by the Fiats!

Meanwhile, Julio was fighting an unfair war. He had to let go off most of his staffs, including the financial advisor Walter, for not being able to pay the wages. Despite of not receiving a penny for over three fortnights, James, the most trusted general stayed with him. However, a man must earn his dime and live life as it goes by. So one day, James, with a lot of hesitation and a very, very sad heart, approached Julio at around 7 PM in the evening.

The once crowded and shiny bar of Julio looked like a long retired and deported naval vessel. There was this navy galleon that was used by many brave men for chasing Pirates, stored just beside the Army base in the old storehouse. Julio’s bar looked exactly like the ship. It had it’s time of glory, but now it is time for burying the dying vessel. A solitary candle was glowing. It was far from being adequate; considering the monstrosity of the room.

“Julio, may I have a word with you?”

“Sure, James, go ahead. I hope you didn’t come here to preach the same old idea of yours to sell off the bar and go on a different business?”

“No, I know I was wrong. This is the business for you; this is the business that is in your blood. Even if you leave it, it will not leave you.”

“What is your point, may I ask?”

“You know the situation better than me. I have been your companions since like forever, and I never ever imaged, or even dreamed, that I would consider leaving you. But now the time has come.”

As he was saying this, James’s eyes filled with tears. The last sentence was hardly audible, and James could barely see a very sad and hurt image of Julio; the candlelight perhaps being an aide by making the image distorted.

“Where do you want to go, son?”

“I have a job offer from the Fiat’s. Mr. Francis himself offered me the job.”

Hearing this, Julio went totally silent, as if trying to contemplate the true meaning of the words that James just spoke.

This person, Mr. Francis, I respect him a lot for who he is. But how can I ever forgive him for ruining my business? nd now he is here to take away my son, James. Thought Julio.

Although James was not blood child, but Julio took care of him like a father. He watched him grow up as an intelligent and smart boy, and now he is an adult, and probably he wants to have a family and prosper in life.

The line of thoughts got disconnected by the sound of shoe steps. Someone was approaching the bar.

A customer? Who could it be? Nobody in this town comes to Julio’s anymore. Not De Metz, Not Paulo, Not William, Not Lorna, nobody comes here.

Mr. Francis, William and De Metz appeared from the darkness, with a powerful lantern. The light illuminated the whole room. Mr. Francis soon started to speak to Julio. Both men had respect for each other. If Francis succeeded in establishing a good business, it was Julio who made that business a business.

There were lots of arguments, persuasions, hopeless looks from the younger crowd, and a lot of pleading from James. After almost 3 hours, and an emptied bottle of Champagne, all of them came out with happy and joyous looks. James was the happiest of all, and his tears of sorrow now turned in to tears of happiness. Julio gave a final look at his love, the Julio’s bar, and handed over the keys to Mr. Francis.

He made him a deal which Julio could not refuse. Julio’s is now an extension to his bar, and Julio is the chief beverage advisor of the fast growing conglomerate; popularly known as Fiats.

Chapter 8: Lunch is Beautiful

Somewhere in time…lucid sounds of the minstrel keeps wandering around, hitting the ears of the unsuspecting passer by. It is Paris, the world’s most romantic place of all. Love is all around. You can touch it, you can smell it. Even the hoofing horses seem to fall under the spell of love. As Pedro’s speedsters gallop by, the horse doesn’t forget to give a wink to the mare, and the pigeons are always flying in pairs.

For the people who are in love, Foyot’s has always been the best place to go for a bite and some quality time. The bartender, the bouncer and all the waiters are busy serving the customers, one way or other.

“Hey James, isn’t that our lad William out there, with the lady?”

“Yes Julio! It’s a surprise—this is probably the first time I am seeing him coming here at this hour of the day, let alone with a lady”.

“They do seem like a weird couple. They probably have nothing in common.”

“Oh come on Julio, what do you know about love? You never married, you never fell in love”

A broad smile enlightened Julio. Had it been a couple of years ago, Julio would get really angry and shout out moderate obscenities at anyone who would make a comment like that. But now he know what love is.

“Maybe I didn’t have that girl-boy kind of love live like you people, but I had the love for Paris, and it’s men and women. Many a boy has taken wine from me and wooed his loved ones, and even a few girls did that. Julio knows magic, my boy. You see these hands? These are magical hands”.

Both of them burst out in laughter. Life was so better now.

From the corner of his eye, James noticed that the woman was doing all the talking, while William was giving startled looks at the menu. This was the first time the kid came here, and probably he had no idea about the prices. Foyot’s, being Paris’s best restaurant and bar had above average prices for most items, and none of the customers actually complained about the price, as there are so many other aspects of the whole eating experience here.

But James really felt sad for the poor, young writer, when the name of the first ordered item was mentioned by Solari, a young waiter.

“Salmon at this time of the year? We only have two or three fishes, and I was expecting some lord or rich soldier to utilize them. But of all the people, William?” said Julio.

Love makes people do the impossible, thought Julio.

As if reading his mind, James exclaimed “William and her? Why and how? I’d sure like to know from him how he got in to this.”

The lady kept ordering expensive items like Caviere, half a bottle of first class Champagne, a Peach and finally, a generous serving of ice cream. Meanwhile, William only ordered a meager Beef chop, which was the least expensive item of all. No drinks, no desserts, no other item, and only a small piece of meat. James took over from Solari and served the meat. He made sure the meat was cooked well, and he got him the biggest piece available. When James was leaving, he heard the lady criticizing James for going for Beef, which was of course, bad for health and apparently a heavy meal. What a nerve! She is robbing the fella off of his hard earned butter, and yet she’s got the nerve to scold him for having beef. Ladies…only they can do this!

Peaches were out of season, and only a dozen was imported from the farthest corners of the Mediterranean. Nobody eats Peaches here even when they are cheap and available, thought Julio.

The Tutti Frutti ice cream was also made from expensive nuts, fruits and fine quality dairy products.

After 45 minutes of painful looks and startled conversations, William started looking at his wrist watch. He even unclasped the watch at one point, and kept it on the table for a while. He finally asked for the bill.

Julio was witnessing the final moments of the soap opera from a distance. Apparently, William laid out all the money he had, and barely managed to pay the bill. However, he kept on ransacking his pockets, despite of receiving disapproving nods from James. Oh, he wants to pay the tips! He doesn’t have to though…he paid a lot already. Williams face lit up momentarily, as he managed to produce 2 Francs. As he was paying the 2 Francs to a very embarrassed and sad James, the woman gave him a “what a cheap person” look.

William led out the woman and assisted her in riding Pedro’s coach. She waved at him while the galloping horses took her away. William was waving and smiling.


“Hey Julio, can you tell me since when the Fiat’s became the Foyot’s?”

“Ah don’t ask me about that. Mr. Francis was really angry when he came to know about the lawsuit from Fiat company. He was so angered and troubled that he ended up selling his Fiat to a pleasant Italian chap. Now he prefers the old fashioned horse coach”.



The wind was blowing gently. William was busy finishing the novel. He paused and looked at the floor for organizing the thoughts. The ink marks are still there. Right that moment, a horse coach went by. William could vaguely see the passenger.

Was it the same face that I crave to see? Was it the same face that makes me the person I never wanted to be? Is this my fate, to wait forever and forever in vain?

William continued writing his story.


I really miss him. I miss passing by his door, and giving furtive glances. Oh, the horses would never slow down. They never slowed down. Not a single day. Stupid animals.

Lorna felt like going out and doing what she always wanted to do. She wanted to take a ride and go to the place which attracts her like a magnet. But alas, the country is England and she is studying medicine.

She smiled and thought, Someday I’ll use my medicine to cure him. He eats a lot of heavy meals, and he is bound to get sick.

The End

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