O lover of my lover
O my blue bell blue
Treat her gentle
Kiss her two
Once by the bank of Ganges
Twice below the bough of view

Lover of my lover
How do you do
Have you come here to take part in the show
Please have a seat
The show is about to show the insanity  in the show-boat of life,
death, sadness, happiness empty whole
Sequence after sequence of human-folly falling, floating, flying upon
the moonlit sun-sunken suite

Lover of my lover
Eclipse the clue
Make love gentle
Make love slow
If she ask you then go more more
Pace your love rhythm as she pleases you too

Lover of my lover what you do
Do you dream alone
Do you walk afternoon
Do you paint your picture in beguiling blue

She came up to me one day and told me she needed to experiments with
lovers new

Love thy neighbor
Love thy muse

She met a new girl by the side of the crescent moon
And they became life-partner soon

I’m very happy for you too
I hope you both find happiness in each other and prosper for sure

Lover of my lover

Mystery of life hide in a dew

A piece of prism the light amuse

Three silver sea-swans with pink beaks and yellowish webbed feet float
in the brook by the side of the discarded book

Where the ray of the sinking sun the warm liquid of the lake melt to
mixture to draw the domains of death and life upon the perplexing
invisible pores of the canvas of complex conflicting life

Lover of my lover
Let me be thy lover tied to thy enigmatic eyes
The canopy of green filter the light of the summer heat
Protecting the fern and moss, the undergrowth below the tall old fir
and oak trees

The easy breeze of the evening spring bring back the memory of the
childhood’s dreams
Running through the rice fields
Swimming in the shallow muddy streams
Climbing up the coconut trees to steal coconuts from the village mills
Skipping the schools and telling white lies to the patents and relatives

Lover of my lover have I lived up to my dream
Have I finished counting the beads of my uneventful film
I can never finish what I begin
I pray as I scream
I play with the spirits of the spirits

She has anklets on her ankles
Red lipstick on her lips
Waislet on her wavy waist
Hip as curvaceous as the Galaxy
She makes love like magic
She melts me like butter on hot breadsticks

Lover of my lover
How far is the birth place of bliss
What belief do you believe in
What faith do you feel

I’m as lonely as a wandering cloud
I’m as lost as a soul sans mist

I keep staring at the nightly star and plead to the stars of infinite

I see the Universe expand and contract in the due ratio of death and

Soft sweet daisy with innocent doe-eyed-eyes look up the late night
sky with their hearts in their eyes

The shrines of the forefathers the sons and daughters of Eve and Adam
curve, crave, climb

The children grow up to be their mothers and fathers
And then the mothers and fathers draw the curtains of their lives

Crickets are crying outside
Low high rough shrill pitch lull beneath the greying overcast sky
I keep flipping on bed
One of the pillows crushed by my head
The other one lay below the bed
Stains of live-love-juice stain the sheets and quilts that I used to
wipe off my wasted dreams

Still the lover leap up to claim the last few bits of love remnants
that the other lover-girl gave up to make a love precedence


God’s particle

Jumping of the waves, quartz, electrons
Same repel
Opposite attract
The pull of gravity
The push of neutron



Nonsensical rhyming of the nets and links
Dot com
Dot org
What else
What not

The pack of wolves are howling in the distance fault

The soil where the seeds are strewn and sown are no longer there to
push them up to germinate through rocks and stones

The sudden flash flood flooded them before they could escape to bud
and bloom

The watery graves of the seamen the utopia-uterine-tube of the humans
lay deeply interred below the lunar waves

O lover of my lover where do you plan to do or go
Now that your lover left you, and you’re lonely and alone once more
Have you seen the blossoming of the cherry yet
Have you ever seen the fruiting of the fruits

The flight of fancy
The fleeting fear of fume

The ripe red orange yellow mangoes have overcrowded the high top
branches of the mango-trees’ backbones

The fields of sugarcanes stand tall and thin, sticking their firm
stout stems out of the soggy muddy grounds

The groupie of pigeons and magpies keep themselves busy pecking each
other feathery shine below the soft sunlight of the cool easy autumnal
soon to be approaching light

The lily in the lake
The lotus in the pond still serene stagnant
Where the soft sweet hearted ripples rise a bit then settle

The peaceful pictorial picturesque picture of the simple humble
romantic rustic village hamlets shimmer under the scattered sunlight
that traced from the neighboring forest

The children are playing forgetfully in the courtyard that keep a
mosque and little farmer-market

The trimmed tall golden yellow haystack stand still and upright as if
the mighty Sphinx in the timeless desert juxtaposed at the crossroads
of time modern, ancient

The moon still rises
The sun still sets
Sadness of Savannah the silly green grass bemoan to redress

Lover of my lover
Let’s play
Ducks and drakes

Sportsmanship in sex shouldn’t be put to rest

Make love as long as God regrets as Satan rejoice

We three make love below the satin sheets of all cultures, rituals,
and religions!

Lover of my lover
Fall back
Regret not for the life that you left behind, led

The regimen of the brain the flesh-fed-love do not replace

Nor the requiem of the priests the dead bodies replicate

The intrinsic intricacy of the inner self sever open the breasts of
the virgin veil

The selfless selfish soulmate slip away beyond the limitless limit of
sight, sigh, sense

O lover of my lover
Come away
We shall sail the sea in a shell of snail
Cup the full-moon with our folded hands
Silhouette the sun as it rises up the sky
And make love beneath the sheath of sparkling twinkling star-light

The rain of monsoon fall on our lips and thighs
You hold me tender and tight
I kiss you to ignite the night
I in you discover my lost Paradise
You moan to upturn the sky

God gets dethroned
Lucifer laughs aside

We two melt to mix together to make a new life
Lover of my lover
Break me to forget my pain and pride!

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