I love you like the summer at noon
I love you as you love me more and more
Like a note of music musing in moon
Like the blossoms of cherry pinkish purple blooming as muse

I love you
Like a dew
Where the sun refracts its own hue
Like a lily slim and tender smiling below the sky blue

I love you
I love you

I’m your sun
You’re my shadow

An oasis in the desert
A daffodil aglow

A blue-beak-robin singing sweet love tune

The mighty Sphinx stood still upon the dry desert dune
Witnessing the fall and rise of the more mighty prophets, kings, and

I love you
How about you
Will you love me as I will love you
Holding you like the blanket of stars
Kissing you like the pouring, pouting rain of monsoon
Like the Thames below the Tower of London
Like the majestic maya of the Grand Canyon pure primordial profound
Like the ruby red bed of roses inviting the foraging feathering fools
of the schools

I love you
How about you

My hearts beat fast and faster as I go near you
My eyes become love-imbued as I see you in the view
I long to see you, kiss you, hold you more more more

O how I love you
Like a ripple of wave rippling around a lotus inflamed
A beauty such as yours has no name to name

Memory upon memory make a network of love-lane
Wet watery meadow the indigo water-hyacinths encircle in duets of duo

Cups of wine the poet drank to read and write the psalms of angels at
Heaven and by my lovelorn wooden-eyed bedside besprinkled with awe woe
wondering smile

I love you
Will you let me hold you
Below the bough of the bent birch and sycamore
Where the half-hidden fern and moss secretly congregate to hear the
voices of the gods, goddesses, and ghosts
There by the fountain of the free fall I shall give you a shower sweet
and soft

I shall bead you a garland of rose

Comb your hair

Wash your blue silky frock

Then spread it out upon a strange tree top to dry it in the easy wind
of the color-changing fall

I shall wrap you in my shawl
To keep you warm
To give you comfort

Your lips are so chaste and ripe
Your nipples are so tender and taught

In your big black bright ocean-eyes I see the whole Universe unravel
her starry scriptures of rites, rituals, religions

On your curvaceous beauteous figure God hide His creation

Your hip like Mississippi and Missouri let my love-boat lay anchor

I love you
How about you

Will you come to see me as I reap the harvest of my rice, paddy, and
Help me make a haystack that touches the zenithal sky of starry hall

Thereafter we shall fish together off the pond of silver golden fry
Swimming below the crystal clear shallow water of the same ponderous

The lotus with open lips invite us to make love inside her Eden of
warm crimson peaceful pot

Come love me
I you long

Beneath the sheath of love the Sita wait for Ramon

Juliet moan as the spear of Romeo pierces through her youngen vault

They’re both young
They’re both minor

They’re not that experienced in the love-motions

Sexual positions

Back and forth

The divine love dew touches her budding nipples
She comes in the outburst of emotion

Romeo keeps clipping her pink purple mini-frock

Love you, love you, love you like the sky and ocean
Without knowing the true meaning of sexual locomotion

I love you more than I can ever say or show
Silhouette of sadness the spring elbow
Shunning the streaming of the silver sun through the filtered filter
of green grass
The geisha entertains the love-soldiers pouring the portions of saki
in the picture-painted-mud-cups

I’m dead now seven thousand forty nine years
None of my names or remained in the graveyard
I wander to wonder if the Earth is still there with all of her war,
misery, tissue-culture
A little blue planet by the narrow side of the sun
Perched slant at the corner of the Solar System, Milky Way’s milky dust

I too wonder if you’re still there
By the bank of the mighty Ganga
Where the burning of the funeral pyre never ever stopped for a little

I love you
How about you
Will you do me
I will do you

Life’s very odd and strange
The peeled onions bring forth tears
Happiness after happiness the harp harp on refurbishing the cycle of
life lackluster
The eraser erased what I wrote before and after
After the Scepter fell
And God faltered

Vision vague and vain invariably vary the variety of the vexed vice-

I keep trying in vain to pray to the Being unknown and strange and undue

Yet my hearts cannot address the pain deep and dark that my soul
prisoner rue


What should I do now
I cannot love anymore

The lover-girls went away stealing my shoe

Barefooted I walk on the wet sandy shore

Upon the temple-stairs I look for the lovers’ look

Some look away
Some look below

The padre reads sermons to appease them sinful souls

I run away
I run away

I cannot approach those still unfeeling gods and goddesses of stone

I kept running for how long I didn’t know
Till I found myself laying all prostrated upon a pile of bleeding snow

Was it a dream
Or was it a part of my prefabricated, predestined show

Did God take pity on my soulful sinning piteous soul

Till this day it still remaineth a mystery deeply embedded in my clay-
clad flesh and bone


Where are you
Why I cannot find you
What are you made of
Who’s your who

The serpent died colliding on a stone
His tongue rolled back as the vultures started gorging on his
perfidious lungs, liver and feet-less-fuse

Why do you love me
I do not love you

Truth hurts
Yet the truth must be told


The maroon moon has arisen above the turrets, spires, domes

Roses are still blossoming
So also the blue-eyed watery bayou

Alas! I’m no more
Nor is you

Love me
Love me
Love me

No more, no more

God with a cane poke in the hole!

Hold your tongue
Let me love you
You too eat me with thy feathery silky fork and spoon

I love you
How about you

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